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The Delaware County Board of Commissioners on Monday approved a $128.8 million budget for its general fund in 2022.

According to a press release issued by the commissioners’ office, the approved amount is a 7.98% increase from the $119.3 million in operating and capital expenditures budgeted for 2021.

“The goal of this budget — and frankly of each year’s budget — is to plan for the county’s growth and to do it in a fiscally responsible manner,” said Commissioner Gary Merrell, president of this year’s Board of Commissioners. “This year’s budget is no exception. The credit goes to our fellow elected officials and their willingness to work for the best interests of our county residents and taxpayers. Together, we are successfully managing Delaware County’s growth.”

The budgeted amount for 2022 is equal to the projected $128,805,682 in revenue the county expects to bring in next year.

“The Commissioners continue to assume that population and economic growth will continue for the county, which remains the fastest-growing county in the state,” the press release said. “But with many unknowns still impacting the future of the economy, they are choosing to plot a more cautious path forward with spending.”

The press release highlighted several items that impacted the approved budget:

• An 8.7% increase in the cost of health insurance.

• A 4% increase in non-unionized employees’ salaries. “These employees had accepted a 2% increase for 2021 when the fiscal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was not yet known,” the press released said. “Ordinarily, these employees receive a 3% increase.”

• A return to more normal spending for training and work-related travel.

“COVID-19 has played a significant role in our planning and spending during the last 18 months,” said Commissioner Barb Lewis. “While we hope we are past the worst of it, we still must be prudent about what the future holds. I salute all of our offices and departments that recognize this.”

Commissioner Jeff Benton added, “The 2022 budget has been especially challenging due to rising inflation, staffing challenges and supply-chain concerns. I think this budget addresses those issues, ensuring that we’ll continue to provide excellent services to our residents and businesses while still investing significantly in the county’s growth needs, including roads, sewers, facilities and other infrastructure.”

The approved budget for 2022 general fund includes the following amounts for specific county offices and courts: Auditor ($1,794,588), Commissioners ($47,358,915), Clerk of Courts ($1,334,096), Common Pleas ($3,015,700), Coroner ($567,166), Domestic Relations ($1,852,032), Engineer ($25,153,500), Juvenile/Probate ($5,303,773), Prosecutor ($3,116,514), Recorder ($687,590), Sheriff ($30,574,521), Treasurer ($880,000), Board of Elections ($3,353,855), Public Defender ($1,946,651) and Veterans Services ($1,211,800).

A combined total of $654,981 was also approved for the County Home, Fifth District Court of Appeals satellite office and the Delaware Municipal Court.

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The Delaware County Board of Commissioners’ Office is located inside the Historic Courthouse at 91 N. Sandusky St. in downtown Delaware. Delaware County Board of Commissioners’ Office is located inside the Historic Courthouse at 91 N. Sandusky St. in downtown Delaware. Joshua Keeran | The Gazette
Revenue projected to top $128 million

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