Genoa Township greenlights subdivision


WESTERVILLE — The Genoa Township Board of Trustees recently approved a final development plan to construct 30 single-family homes on about 20 acres at 5481 Worthington Road in Westerville.

Romanelli & Hughes Building Company requested the hearing for a new subdivision known as The Grove. A preliminary plan had previously been approved in December 2020, with five divergences. No further divergences were requested for the final plan.

Zoning Director Joe Shafer gave the staff report at the hour-long hearing. He said The Grove is at the southeast corner of Big Walnut and Worthington roads, north of The Homestead at Highland Lakes, west of The Villas at Walnut Grove, and east of The Nook at Highland Lakes.

The property is owned by Romanelli and Hughes, who will build in one phase. Currently, the property farm land with a stand of trees that will be preserved. Some of the property’s wetlands will be converted to stormwater basin use, Shafer said. There is one access point with private streets and parking on one side of the street, and a four-space lot by the mailboxes. A night light for the mailboxes will be motion-activated.

There was no public comment on the plan, and no members of the public were in attendance. The plan was approved by a 2-0 vote from trustees Renee Vaughan and Connie Goodman on Jan. 24. Trustee Mark Antonetz recused him from the meeting since he had previously served on the Zoning Commission.

“I think this one has been fleshed out very nicely,” Goodman said. “It’s consistent with the comprehensive plan. The density is 2.2 homes per acre, which is acceptable in this area. It is also consistent with the zoning resolution except for the five granted divergences.”

Goodman did ask a few questions. She was told that the units will be either seeded or sodded, depending on the time of year. She was told that a separate adjacent lot that had a home on it will become a new residence.

Both Vaughan and Goodman asked about a pond and its appearance, drainage and aeration, concerns given by neighboring residents. They were told by a Romanelli & Hughes representative that they will make sure the landscaping looks good and will do whatever is needed to limit algae from forming.

Vaughan said, “What if the water doesn’t do what it’s expected to?” She was told the county engineer would then contact the builder, who would fix the problem. She also asked about the developer installing a walking path, which she said will be used by residents. The representative could not commit to a path but said the township had been given an easement that could be used as a trail.

In other township news, the trustee meeting scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 3, was canceled due to the weather.

An illustrative site plan for The Grove in Genoa Township. illustrative site plan for The Grove in Genoa Township. Courtesy | Genoa Twp.

By Gary Budzak

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