BWAHS program discusses Manhattan Project


SUNBURY — During a recent presentation to the Big Walnut Area Historical Society (BWAHS), Jack Brown discussed the “Building of the Atomic Bomb.”

In his presentation, which is now available on YouTube, Brown talks not only about the science that went into making the bomb, but he also addresses the reason it was developed and the challenges those who designed it had to overcome.

A press release from the BWAHS states the presentation is “a perfect blend of science and history” that dives into the Manhattan Project and how it differed from other World War II efforts.

“One thing is for sure, Brown brings a unique look at this subject,” the press release said. “His program is bound to make you think.”

According to the press release, Brown went from a career in community analysis to spending his retirement years helping further education adults and youngsters.

“Brown has taken his love of science from his workshop to classrooms so students can actually see how things work, and (he) challenges them to even invent things to improve tomorrow’s communities,” the press release said.

Two YouTube links are available on the BWAHS website at The first is a brief introduction to Brown’s program and the second is the program.

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