Village of Galena unveils updated website


GALENA — The village has updated its website,

“Welcome to The Village of Galena,” says the homepage, with a tab below that reads, “Explore Our Village.”

By clicking on the tab, visitors are informed of outdoor activities in Galena and are shown photos of some of the wildlife that can be seen in and around the village. Visitors to the website can also learn more about the Galena Cemetery, as well as restaurants and retail businesses in the village.

Another tab, “Village Area,” shows a map of Galena’s boundaries.

“The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) zip code 43021, with its post office located in the town of Galena, covers a large service area encompassing not just Village of Galena but also portions of Trenton, Harlem, Genoa, Berlin, Berkshire, and Orange Townships,” the site said. “USPS zip code areas usually have no correlation with political jurisdictions such as county lines, township lines, corporation lines of villages or cities, or school districts.”

In other words, unless a person resides in the village boundaries, that individual isn’t living in Galena, despite that person’s mailing address. To know for sure, residents can check their property report on the Delaware County Auditor’s website at

At the bottom of the homepage are links for village resources. Among them is stormwater management, an important topic given the growth in the area. The link said that a storm sewer system is unlike a sanitary sewer system because it doesn’t go to a treatment plant. In the case of Galena, stormwater runoff in the area ends up in the Big Walnut and Little Walnut creeks and finally in Hoover Reservoir, which services 500,000 people.

“Stormwater runoff becomes a major problem when it picks up garbage, debris, sediment, chemicals, automotive fluids, fertilizers, leaves, and other pollutants from parking lots, yards, village streets, house roofs, etc.,” the site said.

The village is required by law to do its part to reduce stormwater pollution. “The penalties for non-compliance would be costly,” the website said.

Galena has to submit an annual report to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that addresses six minimum control measures: public education and outreach, illicit discharge detection and elimination, post-construction site runoff control, public participation and involvement, construction site runoff control, pollution prevention and good housekeeping.

To report an illegal discharge, call the village at 740-965-2484.

“Only rain belongs in the drain,” the website said. map | Village of Galena

This parcel map shows the actual boundaries of the village of Galena, which differs from the postal boundaries. parcel map shows the actual boundaries of the village of Galena, which differs from the postal boundaries. Courtesy map | Village of Galena

By Gary Budzak

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