Arts Park awarded grant for new project


Boardman Arts Park has received a matching grant from the Ohio Arts Council for its Immersive Sound Art Project, an installation within the Imagination Space, for $14,074. The park now needs to raise funds to match this grant in order for it to use this award to start the project.

The Imagination Space is an area of Boardman Arts Park created to encourage exploring, creativity and imagination. The space has started to fill with quirky, interactive and colorful art, including a unicorn sculpture by Nigerian artist Ernest Nkwocha Ogbonna and an “A-Mazing” path visitors can wander.

Phase 1 is almost complete and with its transformation, the park is encouraged to fund raise for the next phase. The next phase of the Imagination Space, called the Immersive Sound Project, will awaken the imagination as kinetic sound art is added for an immersive experience. Visitors will be transported to an imaginary world of color, whimsical movement, interactive experiences, and beautiful sounds that only the combination of art and nature can create. There are pieces currently in the conceptual phase for the Immersive Sound Project, including:

• An interactive kinetic sculpture that is 12-foot tall and will engage patrons with a wheel that carries billiard balls to the top of a center mast, then run down a circular track, triggering hammers that will strike pentatonic scale chimes as they pass.

• A metal sound sculpture that would have a series of bells tuned to a musical scale. Wind will have the bells make a tingling sound as wind passes, while patrons can also interact with the sculpture to play songs or melodies.

• Benches made of musical instruments will be placed around a piano water feature. The instruments will be touchable and interactive.

Boardman Arts Park is eager to begin this phase of the Imagination Space soon, with the fundraiser ending today. The Delaware community, surrounding communities, and anyone else who has enjoyed time at the park is encouraged to donate to help them match the grant to keep the Immersive Sound Project growing. The donation link can be found by searching “Boardman Arts Park” at The fundraiser is called “The Park is Alive…with the Sound of Art.”

Boardman Arts Park is a nonprofit, funded by the Ohio Arts Council, and through grants and community support, they are able to offer low cost and free events. Follow the Boardman Arts Park on Facebook and Instagram.

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