Kaelber recognized for work on DACC Board of Education


The Delaware Area Career Center Board of Education member representing Buckeye Valley Local Schools was recently recognized as the “Outstanding Board Member of the Year” by the Ohio Association of Career and Technical Education.

Tom Kaelber, who has represented Buckeye Valley Local Schools on the DACC BOE for 12 years, received the recognition from the Ohio Association of Career and Technical Education over the summer.

“As a lifelong educator, he strives to empower students to find their passion and pursue their dreams,” the DACC said in a release this week. “He regularly participates in activities throughout the district alongside staff and students to evaluate how the district can continue to grow and improve. In 2021, Mr. Kaelber played an integral role in forming the district’s new directional system, which is the guiding force for all decisions made throughout the district.”

DACC Superintendent Jay Poroda said Kaelber “certainly deserves” the recognition and award.

“His passion for education extends far beyond holding a seat on a board of education,” Poroda said. “Tom has spent his career creating unique opportunities for students to be their best selves both in and outside the classroom. He continues to do so today by staying engaged with the staff and students at the Delaware Area Career Center, helping us achieve our vision to empower, prepare, inspire and connect.”

The DACC said Kaelber maintains regular communication with the Buckeye Valley Local Schools Board of Education to share the success stories, innovations, and trends at the Delaware Area Career Center. He advocates for career and technical education both inside the district with DACC staff and out in the community.

Kaelber attended the Aug. 17 Buckeye Valley BOE meeting to give members an update on Buckeye Valley’s role within the career center.

“Our students are quite successful there,” Kaelber said at the meeting. He added the school has 104 Buckeye Valley students, and the DACC has two satellite programs — career based intervention program and the vocational agricultural program — within Buckeye Valley.

Buckeye Valley Superintendent Paul Craft thanked Kaelber for visiting the board and presented him with a certificate of recognition for his Outstanding Board Member of the Year Award.

“Tom is a valuable member of that board, and I’ve heard that from two (DACC) superintendents that I’ve had the chance to work with,” Craft said.


By Glenn Battishill

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