Road work, leaf pickup in Sunbury


SUNBURY — Next week will be a busy one in the city, with leaf pickup and pipe repairs.

Starting with the latter first, portions of Letts Avenue will be closed starting Oct. 10 for repairs to a mainline sanitary sewer pipe. On Wednesday, the city posted a map of the work areas on its Facebook page, calling it an important infrastructure repair.

“The closure between Hill and East streets will require a complete closure,” the post said. “The mid-block repair is expected to require only a partial street closure. Driveway approaches will have limited access for one or two days during the week based on the discovered condition of the pipe after excavation.”

Letts Avenue is considered a major collector road in Sunbury, according to its comprehensive plan. It is near schools and a trail.

“Collector roads have the primary purpose of intercepting traffic from intersecting local streets and handling this movement to the nearest major collector or arterial street,” the plan said. “Average daily traffic typically ranges from 1,500 to 3,500 vehicles, with morning peak hour traffic about 7-8% of that total and afternoon peak hour of 10% of the total. Collectors generally require a 60- to 80-foot right-of-way, depending on the site and whether sidewalks are part of the cross-section.”

Other major collectors in Sunbury are Otis Street and North Old 3C Highway, and a minor collector is Walnut Street.

Sunbury’s annual leaf pickup program begins Oct. 10 and runs through Dec. 9. As in years past, the city has been divided into a four-section X (Section A is east, Section B is south, Section C is west, and Section D is north), based on roadways. Sections A and B will have 14 pickups, and Sections C and D will have 7 pickups.

“Please do not pile leaves in the street or around mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs, utility poles, parked cars, etc.,” the city said. “Residents with sidewalks should pile the leaves in their tree lawn and those without sidewalks as close to the street as possible as leaves will NOT be hand raked by city staff.”

Brad Gerwig has been the Sunbury Street Department supervisor since 2016. There are five full-time and one part-time crew members that maintain 40 miles of asphalt and 60 acres of landscaping.

Sunbury’s website said the department has a “leaf vac truck that operates in the fall saving labor costs, time, and effort by vacuuming up the leaves and keeping our storm water drains clear.”

This map shows where sewer pipe repairs will take place on Letts Avenue in Sunbury. map shows where sewer pipe repairs will take place on Letts Avenue in Sunbury. Courtesy map | City of Sunbury

By Gary Budzak

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