City of Powell approves latest CIP


During last week’s meeting of Powell City Council, the city’s latest five-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP) was approved for the years 2023-27.

The CIP serves as a yearly roadmap for the city’s prioritized infrastructure projects over the next five years, including the projected costs of the projects, how they will be funded, and when the projects are anticipated to be completed. This year’s CIP carries added anticipation given it is the first to reflect the additional revenue from the income tax restructuring approved by voters last year.

The city’s financial policy states that 25% of the prior year’s municipal tax revenue is to be dedicated to the Capital Improvements Fund, which is the CIP’s primary source of funding.

Among the projects included in the CIP is a 137-space parking lot to address the parking issues in downtown Powell. The lot, which is estimated to be completed in 2026, will be located behind the businesses located on the northeast corner of Liberty and Olentangy Streets and will come at a projected cost of $3.2 million.

The extension of Scioto Street from Liberty Street to Grace Drive is also included in the CIP as one of several projects aimed at alleviating the congestion along Powell Road. At a cost of $2.7 million, sidewalks will also be created on both sides of the street, and 15 new parking spaces will be added at the northeast corner of Liberty and Scioto Streets.

Other projects concerning the congestion on Powell Road include extending Depot Street south to curve around Village Green Park and connect with Liberty Street at a cost of $2 million. The project is projected to be completed in 2024. North Depot Street will also be reconstructed in 2024 to improve the road, walkways and lighting.

In 2026, a $1 million reconstruction of Scioto Street is proposed, which will widen the existing street to allow for new parking spaces on the north side.

For those who enjoy Powell’s network of multi-use paths, a connector between the path on the east side of Liberty Road and the path on the west side of Murphy Parkway is planned for 2025. The connector will include traffic signs and signals to allow pedestrians to safely cross over the existing CSX railroad tracks.

Just south of the planned path connector, the Lechler building is in line for a $1 million remodeling project. Currently a storage space for the city, the building will be remodeled into a public space for the community.

“With the addition of a connector between the Liberty Road and Murphy Parkway pedestrian paths, a remodel of the Lechler into a public space opens up all kinds of possibilities for the Delaware County District Library in adjacent Library Park or other community events,” the city’s website states.

Smaller projects highlighted in the CIP include the reconstruction of Hall Street in 2026, repairs and reconstruction of the CSX railroad tunnel in Adventure Park in 2024, the construction of six pickleball courts in Adventure Park in 2023, and improvements to Village Green Park’s amphitheater next year.

Equally as notable as the projects lined up in the CIP is the transfer of $3.3 million to Powell’s Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) for potential land acquisition over the next five years. Established in 2010, the CIC aims to “promote the industrial, commercial, distribution, and research development within the city of Powell that will improve the normal growth, employment opportunities, and stability of employment within these sectors,” according to the city.

The transferred funds have been earmarked for the purchase of real estate that will provide opportunities to boost economic development in the city.

The City of Powell’s 2023-27 Capital Improvements Program notes a $2 million project to extend South Depot Street from its current terminus near the Powell Municipal Building, pictured, to Liberty Street. City of Powell’s 2023-27 Capital Improvements Program notes a $2 million project to extend South Depot Street from its current terminus near the Powell Municipal Building, pictured, to Liberty Street. Joshua Keeran | Gazette file photo

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