Volenik to serve as next Delaware County Transit director


In two weeks, Delaware County Transit will be under the guidance of a new leader as Andy Volenik becomes the agency’s new executive director.

Ferzan Ahmed, the chairman of the Delaware County Transit Board of Directors, announced the appointment earlier this month. Volenik will formally begin as the new executive director on Oct. 24.

On Thursday, Volenik said he has worked within transit and transportation for “well over a decade,” and he’s looking forward to the new role.

“I started working for the Central Ohio Transit Agency (COTA) in 2009 as a bus operator and was promoted to various positions within the organization until 2016,” Volenik said. “In 2016, I moved over to the City of Columbus Department of Public Service and ran the traffic maintenance operations. Transit and transportation has been my entire career, and I am excited to join the DCT team and build off of their various successes.”

In the announcement, Ahmed said Volenik’s varied experience makes him a good fit for the role.

“Andy is the epitome of a transportation professional, having started as a bus driver and worked his way up to management,” Ahmed said. “He truly understands every aspect of the operation and we are very fortunate to have found someone with his experience and vision, and who is also a resident of the community he’ll be serving.”

Volenik said the opportunity to lead DCT was an opportunity he had to take advantage of.

“The ability to align my career within public service and directly serving the community I live in is a privilege and unique chance that I could not pass,” he said.

Volenik said he has several goals for the position when he takes over later this month.

“My immediate goals are to listen and learn, and digest as much information as possible,” he said. “From that, we will be looking to build off of the numerous successes that Delaware County Transit has implemented. My goal is to make DCT a known asset within our region. Transit brings economic development, workforce advancement, and freedom of movement through transit for our county’s residents.”

Volenik said one of the things he is excited about for the role is that it’s “an exciting time to be in central Ohio.”

“With the Intel project and now the Honda project in Fayette County, investments within this region are pouring in like never before,” he said. “Further, the central Ohio region is growing exponentially and will continue to grow. Delaware County is a focal point of this growth and development, as we should be! Through our commissioners and other municipal leaders, we have amazing communities, schools, and places to work and yet with growth, comes growth challenges and one of those challenges is transportation.”

Volenik said DCT will have to grow to accommodate the needs of the region.

“I am excited for the challenge of tackling transit and transportation for our county and see DCT become further intertwined with the various transit and transportation projects set to occur within our region in the next five to 10 years,” Volenik said. “DCT is ready to grow alongside our growing county and region. I am excited to align these various programs and projects with DCT, making us not just a good partner, but a leader within the central Ohio transportation network.“


By Glenn Battishill

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