County voters approve levies, alcohol options


Voters in Delaware County approved nearly every levy and issue that was on their ballots for the Nov. 8 general election.

The Village of Galena’s replacement tax levy for current expenses of 2 mills for 4 years was approved by a vote 361 for (55%) to 299 against (45%).

The Village of Ashley had two levies, which both passed by 2-1 margins. One was a renewal tax levy on the ballot for maintaining and operating the cemetery at 1 mill for five years starting in 2023. The other was a renewal tax levy for resurfacing roads at 3 mills for 5 years.

Orange Township had two renewal tax levies on the ballot. One was for the parks at 1 mill for five years, which passed by a vote of 9,228 for (66%) to 4,808 against (34%). The other was 0.5 mills for 5 years for roads and bridges. This passed by a wider margin: 10,017 votes for the tax levy (71%) to 4,065 against the tax levy (29%).

Concord Township’s tax levy renewal of 1 mill for five years was approved by its voters, 4,229 for (72%) to 1,680 against (28%).

Thompson Township’s replacement and decrease of its fire levy for five years was approved by a vote of 262 for (76%) to 81 against (24%). Another fire department replacement tax levy for 3.25 mills over five years was approved in Scioto Township by a vote of 1,471 for (75%) to 487 against (25%).

Harlem Township had a replacement tax levy of 4 mills for four years for its fire department, which passed by a 2-1 margin. Also in Harlem Township, a proposed zoning amendment failed by 58%-42% vote.

Alcohol options were approved in Ashley (Gibeye’s Pizza & Ashley Watering Hole), Berkshire Township (precinct C), Brown Township (Henmick Brewery), Harlem Township (precincts B and C), Orange Township (precinct U), Columbus and Delaware.

The Delaware County Board of Elections said the results have not been certified.

By Gary Budzak

[email protected]

Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County. He may be reached at the above email address or on Twitter @GaryBudzak.

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