Genoa Township to hold zoning hearings


WESTERVILLE — The Genoa Township Zoning Commission will hold public hearings at 7 p.m. Monday in the Genoa Township Community Hall, 5111 S. Old 3C Hwy., Westerville.

One hearing involves the rezoning 182.1 acres north of Lewis Center Road and west of Rome Corners Road from Rural Residential to Planned Residential District. Romanelli and Hughes Building Company is seeking to construct 231 single-family homes. The development, to be called Miraluna, would be across from another Romanelli & Hughes subdivision, Mirasol, which has a Galena mailing address.

The rezoning would have the tract consist of three subareas. Subarea A would be 65.5 acres on Rome Corners Road “developed as patio or empty nester homes providing maintenance-free living to owners,” the application said. Subarea B would be 64 acres on Rome Corners developed as single-family homes. Sub Area C would be 52.6 acres on Lewis Center Road with six large estate lots and one single-family home.

The other hearing is a final development plan for the Turkey Hill in the Genoa Square Shopping Center at state Route 3 and Maxtown Road. The gas station, convenience store, and car wash are on 1.37 acres on two lots, which are zoned as Planned Commercial District. The application was submitted in August, with a revision in September, and is a continuation of hearings in September and October.

“The purpose of this project is to revise the internal portion of the car wash building, revise the vacuum spaces, and update signage for the exterior car wash stacking route. The project does not propose any revisions to the site access,” the application said. “Construction on the site occurred with approval from Delaware County but not from Genoa Township Zoning due to a misunderstanding during the permitting process. As of July 11, 2022, the parking lot has been restriped, the vacuums have been replaced, the air tower has been replaced, and temporary signage has been put in place with permits from Genoa Township.”

The text goes on to say the only change from July would be to the angled parking spaces to meet township code. There are 27 parking spaces at the site.

In other Genoa news, the original Township Hall relocation is now slated for December. The 1880 brick building sits at the corner of Big Walnut and Tussic roads, preventing future plans for the intersection. The move to McNamara Park was supposed to take place in October, “but has been delayed due to the completion of the permitting process,” said the Genoa Township website.

Whenever the move does take place, the plan is to lift the building and move it in one piece on a flatbed tractor trailer.

This Westerville Turkey Hill is seeking a change to its parking. Westerville Turkey Hill is seeking a change to its parking. Gary Budzak | The Gazette

A zoning hearing for this property in Genoa Township will be held next Monday. zoning hearing for this property in Genoa Township will be held next Monday. Gary Budzak | The Gazette

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