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WESTERVILLE — The Historic Genoa Township Hall is already raised and ready to be moved by truck to a new location.

Currently at 5007 Tussic Street Road, the brick building will be moved a half mile away to the eastern end of McNamara Park. The often-delayed event is expected to take place at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 21. Traffic will be closed on Big Walnut Road and Old 3C Highway during the move.

For those who have attempted to cross Big Walnut Road going south from Tussic Street Road know that one has to crane their necks to see if there’s anyone heading west because the old building sticks out.

“The building’s current position is perilously close to Big Walnut Road presenting a safety hazard and impediment to plans the Delaware County Engineer has to improve intersection safety with a conventional, single-lane roundabout,” said a press release issued by Genoa Township.

The delicate process entails wrapping the structure with wire and lifting it by crane onto a low flatbed truck. Then it will be driven slowly to the park.

“The building will remain on the truck while a foundation is built at the park’s eastern end to suit the building’s distorted shape,” the township said. “Approximately one week later, the building will be lowered into place to await interior renovation.”

The additions that were made to the building after it was originally constructed in 1880 have been demolished.

The current Genoa Township Community Hall is at 5111 S. Old 3C Hwy., Westerville.

Originally used as a meeting space, the plan is to make it such again, as well as holding local historical items.

“We are making way for the future by reimagining this historic structure,” said Genoa Township Board of Trustees Chair Renee Vaughan. “It will be given renewed purpose at McNamara Park where residents can enjoy using the space.”

The building was used until 1992 when the present facility was opened. For the last 30 years, the original building has been used for storage.

According to Genoa, the move will cost $300,000 and is funded by a State of Ohio Cultural Facilities Grant (60%), Delaware County (30%) and the township (10%).

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission “directs capital improvement funds appropriated by the Ohio General Assembly for planning, construction, renovation and expansion projects at Ohio’s historical sites, theaters, museums, arts education facilities and publicly owned professional sports venues,” the release said.

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The old Genoa Township Hall is already raised and ready to be moved. old Genoa Township Hall is already raised and ready to be moved. Gary Budzak | The Gazette
Genoa Township to relocate building

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