Genoa Township Hall takes ride


WESTERVILLE — The relocation of the Genoa Township Hall took place as scheduled on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 21.

The brick building, which dates back to 1880, had previously been lifted five feet off the ground and placed onto wheels that were remotely controlled. Last week, the building, wrapped in wire, was slowly driven about a half-mile to its new home.

Traffic was temporarily closed on Big Walnut Road and Old 3C Highway during the delicate transport. While the road’s speed limit is normally 45 mph, the building crawled in comparison.

Labeled “Genoe Town House,” the building long sat at 5007 Tussic Street Road, jutting out just enough to make it difficult to see if one could safely cross or turn onto Big Walnut Road. The Delaware County Engineer’s Office has said there will be a single-lane roundabout placed at the intersection in the future.

The original township building was used until 1992, when a new facility was built west within view at 5111 South Old 3C Highway. Genoa said, “the historic structure has primarily been used as storage space for the past thirty years. While details are still being planned, the building is expected to become a meeting space once again and a repository for local historical relics.”

Fortunately, the often-delayed move was able to take place before the winter storm that hit Ohio on Friday, Dec. 23.

The old township hall currently is at the eastern end of McNamara Park, 7049 Big Walnut Road, Galena. However, it was not laid to the ground immediately following the move.

“The building will not be situated on its new foundation on Moving Day,” Genoa Township said on its website. “Rather, it will remain suspended over the foundation as it is built to suit the building’s distorted shape.”

Genoa calls McNamara “the township’s premier park covering 29.76 acres and is the site of many special events. The park can be accessed from the west via the Safety Complex (Fire and Maintenance departments) and an east entrance on Old 3C Highway … The eastern half of the park features a historic barn, outdoor fitness equipment … 1.2-mile loop trail and natural wildflower plantings.”

According to Genoa, funding for the $300,000 project was split between the township (10%), Delaware County (30%) and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (60%).

“Thank you, OFCC for supporting this historic relocation and preservation project with an Ohio Cultural Facilities grant,” the township said in a Facebook post.

The old township hall is now in McNamara Park in a photo taken on Dec. 22. old township hall is now in McNamara Park in a photo taken on Dec. 22. Gary Budzak | The Gazette

By Gary Budzak

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