Sunbury to recognize its citizens


SUNBURY — The city wants to start celebrating its citizenry in a special way.

Sunbury has launched a Citizen Recognition Program.

“Each quarter the City of Sunbury will begin to recognize a resident, volunteer, student, or group of individuals for their service, dedication, and/or commitment to improving the Sunbury community or enhancing the lives of its residents,” the city posted on Facebook.

This recognition could be for a single act, an annual event, or a lifetime of kindness on the part of the nominee(s).

To be more specific, people are being asked to nominate someone who has “performed, created or developed an activity that positively enhances and/or impacted the city; or contributed to the community through an act, achievement, or service that directly or indirectly advances the opportunities and/or benefits other Sunbury residents; or demonstrated a sustained commitment to serving other by donating countless hours of volunteer service to any meaningful cause that benefits the residents of Sunbury.”

Those selected will be recognized at a City Council meeting, where they will receive a signed resolution by Mayor Joe St. John acknowledging their contributions. St. John mentioned the program during his State of the City address earlier this month.

City Council’s Events and Commemorations Committee will accept applications year-round, “and nominees will be considered for recognition for up to one year following receipt of their initial nomination,” said the nomination form.

The committee will meet quarterly to consider applications and select nominees. The six-page nomination form said, “The committee will consider the following criteria when selecting a nominee for recognition: The scale of the act, activity, achievement, or service performed by the nominee; and/or the number of Sunbury residents positively impacted by the nominee’s actions; and/or the amount of time committed to achieving the act, activity, or service being recognized; and/or any other criteria deemed relevant by the committee.”

March 31 is the first deadline for applications.

“As we bring in the New Year, we are so excited to announce the start of our Citizen Recognition Program,” the city posted on Facebook Jan. 2.

Know someone worthy of recognition? Nomination forms can be found on the city’s website at

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at the above email address.

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