Conger students pie principal


On Friday, students at Conger Elementary took a break from class and gathered in the gym to watch certain students take turns throwing pies at Principal Mary Krell.

The event was a delayed reward from the school’s Read-a-thon event that took place last fall. Krell said that during the event, students had to record minutes they spent reading and collect funds for the school. She added there were various prizes during the event, including gift cards, extra recess and a pajamas day. The most expensive prize was participating in the “Pie the Principal” event.

Krell said 46 students recorded and raised enough to pie her in the face, and the students finally got the chance to do just that on Friday.

Krell said she looks forward to the event, which was a tradition before the pandemic.

“It’s the second year we’ve done it after COVID,” she said. “It’s great for relationship building with the kids. Not only does it emphasis the importance of reading, but we make it a point to let the whole class come and experience it. I think it’s some of those fun moments that kids are able to remember about school, even if they aren’t the kid who gets to pie me in the face.”

Krell said she enjoys the event and was looking forward to two students in particular throwing pies at her.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s really fun, too, because my own two children who are here earned it, so their classes are increasingly excited because they get to watch my own children pie me in the face.”

During the event, students from each class were called up and given a pie pan with cream and took turns throwing them at Krell, who frequently had to pause the event to clean off her face and googles.

Students cheered and screamed as Krell became covered in whipped cream.

After the event, Krell said it was everything she had hoped for.

“I feel cool and refreshed,” Krell joked, still partially covered in cream. “Seeing the kids’ reactions was worth it. I think they’ll still be talking about it next week.”

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