Great Decisions series to highlight famine concerns


“Famine: A 21st Century Threat? (Global Perspectives and Grounded Realities)” will be the topic of Friday’s Delaware Great Decision series.

Leading the noon discussion on Zoom will be Erin Lin, Ph.D., who serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at The Ohio State University, and Erinn Nicley, Ph.D., who is an associate professor in the Department of Geography at Western Governors University.

A press release on the program states, “Famine and food insecurity is a multidimensional political issue that historically and currently places millions of people at risk worldwide. The presentation this week will explore the definition and major causes of famine. In short, famine is a distinct form of food insecurity often rooted in political and economic conditions as much as in the physical and environmental conditions in different societies.”

During the program, Nicley will discuss the “great decision” that lies ahead for countries all around the world as famine becomes a growing challenge in various places worldwide.

Lin, according to the press release, “will provide a case study exploring the intersection of conflict, politics, economics, and food insecurity in Cambodia following the violent 1960s-1970s U.S. war in Southeast Asia as a window into the complex forces that produce – and that can help prevent – famine in our time.”

To participate in the Zoom program, individuals are asked to register in advance if they haven’t done so already for a previous event. The registration link is available at or it can be found on the Delaware Great Decisions Facebook page at

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