Patrol turning to peace officers for help


COLUMBUS – Anyone who has an Ohio Basic Peace Officer certification with two years of full-time (or equivalent) Ohio law enforcement experience may now apply to the Ohio State Highway Patrol as a lateral cadet with the intent of becoming a state trooper, as announced Monday by Ohio State Highway Patrol Col. Charles A. Jones.

Applications for a new lateral class will be accepted throughout the month of May. The new lateral cadet class is expected to begin training in September.

Historically, the Patrol has required already commissioned law enforcement officers to attend the full training program for cadets which lasts approximately six months and includes approximately 1,200 training hours. Because the lateral cadets will have at least two years of full-time law enforcement experience, the Patrol’s Academy Cadet Training Program will be shortened to approximately 12 weeks.

“As a way to increase our recruitment efforts, we are continuing to develop innovative ways to attract new applicants,” said Jones. “We believe there are officers who wanted to be troopers, but timing or other factors kept them from joining. A lateral cadet class is one way to attract those seasoned Ohio peace officers to the Patrol.”

The Patrol will pay those selected into the class during their training at the academy.

Submitted by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

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