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COLUMBUS — In conjunction with National Military Appreciation Month, Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted remind all active and former military members and their spouses they can access a variety of free employment services at both OhioMeansJobs.com and the state’s OhioMeansJobs Centers.

“Members of the military and their spouses served this nation selflessly, and this is one small way we can show our thanks,” said DeWine. “We are committed to making Ohio the most military-friendly state in the nation by supporting military members both while they serve and after they return home.”

“Gov. DeWine and I believe that supporting veterans also means supporting their families, who make huge sacrifices while their loved ones are away,” said Husted. “That’s why we offer free employment assistance to military spouses as well. We want veterans and their families to know that our state welcomes them and that we support them.”

When military members, their spouses, and veterans register for a free account on OhioMeansJobs.com, they’re prompted to answer a brief questionnaire asking if they’d like to be contacted by an employment specialist. In addition, the resumes of veterans are designated with a red and blue “V,” and the resumes of military spouses are designated with a red and blue “S” to make them stand out to military-friendly employers.

“Veterans and their spouses get priority of service at both OhioMeansJobs.com and the state’s OhioMeansJobs Centers,” said Matt Damschroder, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). “Both online and in-person services are available, tailored to individuals’ needs. Individuals can access as many or as few of these services as they’d like, on their own or with the help of an employment specialist.”

“We are honored the Department of Job and Family Services offers a variety of free employment assistance programs for our currently serving military members, veterans, and their spouses,” said Maj. Gen. John C. Harris Jr., Ohio adjutant general. “Ohio has continually supported its service members throughout the state’s history, and these programs are indicative of the respect Ohio gives to its citizens with military connections. Overall, our service members and veterans can provide great value and experience to potential employers. For members of the Ohio National Guard, as well as other reserve component branches within the state, these programs offer the opportunity to positively change the lives of our service members and their families with good-paying jobs, which also helps maintain individual and unit readiness. We are extremely grateful for the services that ODJFS offers to our military families.”

Ohio has more than 8,000 employers listed in its Military-Friendly Employer Registry. Veterans can view the registry on OhioMeansJobs.com by clicking on “For Job Seekers” and then “Military Service.” Also on the website, military members, their spouses, and veterans can get help translating their military job experience into civilian experience, post their resumes, request one-on-one assistance, and learn about possible federal and state benefits they may be eligible for.

“I’m very grateful for our many military-friendly employers, and that the list continues to grow statewide,” said Maj. Gen. (U.S. Army, retired) Deborah Ashenhurst, director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services. “Ohioans and Ohio businesses greatly value our veterans, which is one of the reasons why our state continues to thrive. Former service members bring many valuable attributes to the workforce, and it’s important not only that they are given great job opportunities, but also that they are hired into positions that take full advantage of their unique skill sets and recognize the strengths they bring to the workplace.”

At their local OhioMeansJobs Centers, military members, their spouses, and veterans can get help with their job searches, attend workshops or other training programs, learn about local labor market information, learn about apprenticeship programs, get referrals to local jobs and service providers, and more. All veterans in Ohio are given priority of service in referrals to job openings and other services. ODJFS also offers incentives for employers who hire veterans through the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit program and On-the-Job Training program.

Ohio has 88 OhioMeansJobs Centers across the state. All offer free career planning, job training, and other employment services to Ohioans looking for work and to employers seeking workers. To find your nearest OhioMeansJobs Center, visit jfs.ohio.gov/WIOAmap or go to OhioMeansJobs.com and select “For Job Seekers” and “Find a Job Center.”

With approximately 700,000 veterans, Ohio is home to the fifth-largest veteran population in the nation, and new opportunities are constantly being developed to make the Buckeye State an ideal place for military members and their families to thrive. Last year, Ohio launched a new resource page for servicemen and women and their families. For more information, visit the Military Members and Their Families web page at governor.ohio.gov.

Submitted by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

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