The Powell Planning and Zoning Commission granted a certificate of appropriateness to CCC Home Road LLC for the architectural and landscape elements of the multi-family subarea of Middlebury Crossing during its meeting on Wednesday.

Powell City Council accepted the annexation of the land into the city and granted the developers approval on their final development plan for Middlebury Crossing, located at the corner of Home and Steitz roads, in July 2019. The plan includes two retail or office buildings on the southwest portion of the development, facing Home Road, and a 62-unit townhome and apartment community behind them.

In addition to the commercial and residential plans for Middlebury Crossing, the site was chosen by the Delaware County District Library as the location for its new Liberty branch. With the new library now open, plans for the residential element of the site are now moving forward.

Following approval of the final development plan, the developer requested a subdivision of the site, creating three separate parcels. The lot split required the applicant to acquire a variance through the Board of Zoning Appeals to allow the residential site, which is the northernmost parcel, to be split without right-of-way frontage. The Board of Zoning Appeals approved the variance on May 5, 2022, and the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the subdivision without a plat later that month.

The developer is proposing to construct five townhome buildings, each containing six dwelling units, as well as two garden apartment buildings that would each contain 16 dwelling units. In total, the site would contain 62 dwelling units. Community amenities such as a swimming pool, pool house with cabana, and mail kiosks are located in the middle of the parcel. The proposal includes a private street system, a pond, three detached garage buildings and parking spaces.

According to city documents for the request, “The site plan remains significantly similar to the approved 2019 Middlebury Crossing final development plan. The location of all building footprints and parking spaces are the exact same. Building architecture also remains significantly similar. However, the applicant has addressed notes made by our architectural advisor at the 2019 review.”

The city also noted the applicant has updated and provided more details on the landscaping plan to address buffering around the site perimeter and pool area.

When the final development plan was approved, 15 conditions were included with its approval. Wednesday’s review by the Planning and Zoning Commission satisfied two of the conditions, which included the developer working with the homeowner to the west of the property to finalize the landscaping buffers and to return to the commission for the certificate of appropriateness in order to ensure consistency in the overall plan of the three different subareas.

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