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SUNBURY — Kingston Township’s Zoning Commission met for the first time in 2023 on Feb. 1 at the Township Hall, 4063 Carter’s Corner Road in Sunbury.

There, a final draft overview of the township’s comprehensive plan and map was presented, which the commission had worked on to update. Legal review was necessary, so the meeting was continued to Feb. 6. The Delaware Council Regional Planning Commission assisted with the document.

In addition, “Members discussed the legal action being taken by the Attorney General’s Office regarding the Renergy Biodigester in Morrow County, whether the operation was agricultural in nature, i.e., exempt from zoning regulation, commercial (for profit) and whether township authority for protection of health, safety and welfare could establish authority to regulate,” the minutes said. “The court case will certainly clarify the matter.”

The continuation was on Feb. 6. Based on discussion, it was determined that a public hearing on the comprehensive plan would be held on March 13.

Two members of the public attended the March 13 hearing — one a resident and the other from Nationwide Realty Investors. The resident said he was in support of the amendments to the comprehensive plan and zoning resolution. The gentleman representing the realtor asked the commission “if they had any plans to revise the zoning resolution in the near future. The answer was “no,” the minutes said. They provided him with the public documents.

The amended 102-page comprehensive land use plan was approved by the Zoning Commission on April 3. The Kingston Township Board of Trustees adopted the plan on May 2.

Kingston’s May 2023 Newsletter said, “After a Public Hearing held on May 2nd, the Trustees unanimously approved the Amended Comprehensive Plan as recommended by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission and the Zoning Commission without changes. It goes into effect immediately.

“The plan will be posted on the Township Website once it is recorded, and a copy (once printed) will be housed at the Sunbury Community Library,” the newsletter continued. “A copy of the plan is available for review or purchase at the Zoning Office.”

The Zoning Commission consists of Chairman Tom Filbert, Rick Giffin, James Grove, Dick Strohm, Adam White and alternate Henry Smith. Kingston’s Board of Zoning Appeals is Chairman Steven Smith, John Blommel, Brian Davidson, Craig McCord, Maribeth Meluch, and alternate Bob Leone. Dave Stites is the zoning secretary and Dave Willyerd is the zoning inspector. The trustees are Dewey Akers, Matt Roy and Bill Shively; and Matt Roy is the fiscal officer.

In the newsletter, Chairman Shively said Stites was retiring, and interviews were held to hire a new zoning secretary.

“Dave, on behalf of the residents and the Trustees, we want you to know how grateful and thankful we are to have you represent Kingston Township in the most professional, caring manner!” Shively wrote. “We wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement!”

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Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].