ASHLEY — Zoning violations have been the major order of business for the Oxford Township Board of Trustees in recent months.

On April 11, there was a complaint “regarding a business being ran from the property” at Ashley Road, with further action being taken by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mark Fowler, meeting minutes said. In June, the trustees approved the filing of legal proceedings against the owners of the property. A similar motion for legal proceedings was approved for a business on state Route 229, which had been contacted to clean up the front of their building.

A zoning violation was sent to a Piper Road address to clean up their property, and as of June, “progress is being made.” Also, there was a request to tear down a structure along U.S. Highway 42 North and rebuild a 20-foot taller structure at the same place. Finally, a zoning violation for a Steamtown Road address has been closed.

“There was discussion regarding the 2023 Township Safety Sign Grant Program,” the minutes said. “Oxford Township qualifies for the grant this year which would give the township all new safety signs, post and hardware up to $50,000.” The grant was accepted.

The trustees — James Hatten, Steve Lewis and Craig Pittman — meet in the township hall at 5606 Steamtown Road, Ashley. There was to have been a joint meeting on May 2 between the township, Ashley Union Cemetery and the Village of Ashley in the village offices, 3 N. Harrison St., to appoint a cemetery board member. However, there was not a quorum. Hatten’s three-year term as board member will expire at the end of the year, and the trustees nominated him to serve another term during their regular meeting on May 9.

“Monica Conners, Delaware County Economic Development Director introduced herself to everyone attending,” said the May meeting minutes. “She would like to build better communications with the townships. They have many resources that can be helpful for the townships… Trustees stated there is not a lot of economic development in our area at this time but would be reviewing their plans.”

The trustees also discussed the old township hall at 112 W. High St., Ashley. After further research, it was determined that it would be cost prohibitive to bring the building up to code for public use and the township would look into selling the property. Also, a tree along Ashley Road needed to be trimmed away from the road.

Duane Matlack, Oxford Township zoning inspector, said there was an anonymous complaint about living quarters behind a home on Steamtown Road. He also said there was a possible lot split with a Horseshoe Road property.

The trustees met last month at 8 p.m. June 13. Road Maintenance Supervisor “Jim Viers updated the trustees regarding the Township Safety Sign grant,” the minutes stated. “He has completed the order process. The total grant amount the township is asking for is $6,417.67 to replace all the current signs.”

Also in Ashley: Amee Sword, director of the Wornstaff Memorial Public Library, told the trustees that the summer reading program for adults and children began on June 5. There was also a rocket launch April 29 in the Oxford Township Park. Accompanied by 28 adults, there were 14 students that built and launched their rockets 300 feet into the air, with parachute landings.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].