Delaware City Council has granted a two-year extension to Route 36 Partners LLC and Section Line Partners LLC for its proposed Boulder Farms development on the city’s west side.

In August 2022, the council approved a preliminary development plan for the 138-acre site located at the southeast corner of South Section Line Road and U.S. Route 36. Since then, the developers have struggled to find an end user to develop the site given the prevalent economic challenges.

The city remains supportive of the proposed development, however, and is willing to allow the developers additional time to navigate the market and find that end user.

“The development plan achieved many goals and actions of the Delaware Together Comprehensive Plan, and the year of time that’s passed since that approval hasn’t led to anything from a staff perspective that would cause any concern or any reason to think this plan wouldn’t still achieve those same actions and goals,” interim Planning and Community Development Director Jordan Selmek said on Monday. “This would simply be an opportunity for the applicant to take the time and do what they need to do to find a user to develop this site.”

Route 36 Partners LLC and Section Line Partners LLC have proposed a mixed-use residential and commercial development on the site. As many as 620 residential dwelling units would be constructed on 128 acres of the site with the remaining 10 acres being dedicated to commercial use.

The residential units would be divided into 222 single-family detached lots on approximately 88 acres and a maximum of 398 multi-family units on approximately 40 acres, separated between Subareas A and B. The gross residential density for the entire site is proposed to be 4.48 dwelling units per acre.

Subarea C would contain the commercial properties on the site. According to documents submitted by the developers at the time of the preliminary development plan, approximately four out-lots would be included in the commercial subarea. No details were included for the commercial space as part of the current proposal, and any future proposals would have to come back before the city as a preliminary development plan.

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