Three seats on the Delaware City Council were decided by voters as part of Tuesday’s general election. Linsey Griffith, Adam Haynes, and Kevin Rider each won races in their respective wards, while incumbent Cory Hoffman ran unopposed in the Third Ward.

Griffith won the bid in Delaware’s First Ward, defeating Dustin Nanna by receiving 2,115 (62.54%) of the 3,382 total votes cast.

“We worked so hard to run a clean and honest campaign born out of a sincere desire to help our community and city,” Griffith told The Gazette. “I am so grateful that the voters in Ward 1 recognized that. Thank you to the tireless volunteers and dedicated supporters. Now the work begins!”

In the Second Ward, Haynes defeated Leslie Joiner by a slim margin, receiving 1,763 (52.91%) of the 3,332 votes cast.

“Thank you, residents of Delaware’s Second Ward, for your support and vote of confidence. It is an honor and privilege to continue to serve you,” Haynes said. “Thank you, Leslie Joiner, for running a great campaign. I look forward to working with you to be sure that all voices are heard.

“It is time to come together for Delaware, invest in our future, and make our city the very best that it can be!”

Rider earned the nod over Chandler White in the Fourth Ward, receiving 1,751 (57.79%) of the 3,030 total votes.

“It was a close race, as I expected, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help Delaware solve some difficult challenges over the next four years,” Rider said. “I think that voters have chosen excellent representatives on our City Council and school board, and I’m excited to work with all of them. I’m also really pleased that our local races were largely run without negative campaigns, and it’s clear that all of the candidates love Delaware. Now I’m just looking forward to getting to work!”

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