The cover of Meredith Joy Keller’s upcoming three song extended play, “Home,” which releases on Nov. 23 on all music platforms.

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A recent Hayes High School graduate will release a three-song EP next week that she’s been working on since last year.

Meredith Joy Keller, a member of the Hayes High School Class of 2021, is currently studying music and public relations at Biola University in California, and she plans to release her debut EP, “Home,” next week. The EP has three songs: “Lord, Take Me Home,” “All I want, All I Need” and “Belong to You.”

Keller said she began writing the songs in the summer of 2022.

“I wrote ‘Lord, Take Me Home’ Based on Matthew 14 and that feeling like you’re drowning and you know that the Lord is there but you can’t quite see him above the water,” Keller said. “I wrote that in that state of needing some encouragement, some comfort. I realized I loved to song-write, and it was really important to me as an artist that all my music is inspired by scripture. From that first song, I wrote a couple more songs, and (for the EP) I decided on my best three.”

Keller said she and a producer friend at Biola started working on the EP earlier this year, and she recorded the three songs this fall.

Since the songs are a different kind of singing than what she did at Hayes as part of the choir and musical theater, Keller said she’s looking forward to people hearing the EP, and she hopes the themes of the songs impact listeners regardless of their religion.

“I hope the listeners recognize that there is a home for them,” Keller said. “There’s something greater in store for them, for hope and encouragement, whether they’re Christian or not.”

Keller said her education in Delaware was an important part of her musical journey.

“(Delaware) has always supported me in my music,” she said. “Everyone has always been really supportive of my journey, and I’m so appreciative of their response and encouragement. This EP is kind of a response and an appreciation and a thank you for always supporting me. I hope they can hear something new in this album that they can appreciate. I hope people enjoy it and share it and learn something from it.”

The EP will be available on Nov. 23 on all musical platforms, Keller said. More information can be found at

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