BV teacher presented with award


A seventh grade teacher at Buckeye Valley Middle School recently received a regional award during the 2023 Ohio Middle Level Association Conference, a first for the district.

The award was presented to Kristin Nicolosi, a science teacher, and celebrates “her contributions to middle-level education in Central Ohio and recognizes her leadership in facilitating service and experiential learning opportunities for students.”

Jen Page, central associate representative for the OMLA Executive Board and BVMS curriculum, instruction, & assessment specialist, described Nicolosi as a “servant leader” and said she mentors BV students because “it’s just who she is.”

“She is one of those people who is always thinking of how she can support others,” Page said. “Whether it is a home-cooked meal for a peer, advocating for a student, leading problem-solving meetings, or supporting instructional planning, she is genuinely ready and willing to help others. It is an honor to play a small part in celebrating the impact Mrs. Nicolosi has on our school and community.”

Buckeye Valley reported the OMLA Regional Award acknowledges Nicolosi’s role as the advisor of the Builders Club, where she has mentored students in impactful community service initiatives.

The district said Nicolosi’s leadership in organizing the school’s science fair competition and coordinating an educational field trip to Lake Erie showcases “her commitment to enriching students’ education through hands-on experiences.”

“I do these things not to be recognized, but to help others and lead by example in hopes that others will follow,” Nicolosi said. “My family raised me to have a servant heart, and I hope to show others, through acts of service, the importance of this in our sometimes difficult world.”

Nicolosi is a member of the Buckeye Valley Middle School Building Leadership Team and has contributed to shaping school policies and initiatives, the district added.

“Her collaborative approach has not only strengthened the school’s educational programs but has also created an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for students and staff,” the district said in a release Friday. “Nicolosi’s recognition as the recipient of the OMLA Regional Award for Central Ohio is a testament to her dedication to the success and well-being of her students and the BV Community.”

The OMLA Regional Award was presented during a ceremony held at the annual state conference. OMLA is made up of more than 9,500 middle-level educators across the state of Ohio. The event brought together educators, administrators, and leaders from middle schools across the state, creating an opportunity to commend excellence in middle school education.

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