Hearing set for zoning amendment


The Berlin Township Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing to revise the text of its zoning resolution at 7 p.m. Feb. 27 in the Township Hall, 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware.

The revisions were made on Jan. 22 and can be seen on the township website at www.berlintwp.us.

Going over a past meeting, the BZC met July 11 for an informal discussion regarding Scioto Gardens, currently located on state Route 37 northwest of Delaware.

Christine Dilley, a partner in the business, said, “Scioto Gardens is a native plant nursery that has been operated in Delaware County since 1999. It was preparing to close their doors for good when the owners retired in 2019 when a group of plant lovers came together to save it. They grow native plants for customers to come from all over, even surrounding states.”

Landscapers and arborists consider native plant species more valuable to the environment and insects, birds and local wildlife than invasive species.

“The demand for these plants has increased greatly over the first few years of ownership due to the uptick in home gardening during the pandemic, and also the release of the wildly popular book, ‘Bringing Nature Home,’” Dilley said.

With their lease up in May, a new location has been identified on 10 acres at Sackett Farms on Curve Road (on the east side of the railroad tracks and east of the 100-year-old farmstead), a 50-acre parcel already zoned as agricultural conservation district. A neighbor, Tony Eyerman, also presented. Typically closed from November to February, the plan would be to move plant material in the fall and open the business on April 1.

Upon opening, the nursery would look like a park with prairie, wetland and other habitats, as well as a greenhouse and temporary structures used for the growing and sheltering of plants. Wagons can be used to pick up plants by customers, and the business would hold classes and farmers markets.

No action was taken, but there was discussion of roadside sales. Board members said the nursery would be a nice addition and welcomed them to the township.

In other business, “It is rumored that at Africa Road and 36/37, ODOT is considering changing the speed limit to 35 MPH from 60 MPH,” minutes said. “Metro Development has apparently offered to pay for a J-hook so a left turn out to 36/37 will not be allowed. A right-in/right-out would satisfy (the BZC chair’s) safety concerns. They are also discussing a light at Africa Road. These would help to satisfy some of the safety issues.”

The BZC consists of Chairman Jerry Valentine, vice-chair Darcy Kaplan, Angela Brown, Keith Goshia, Jenny Sloas, and alternates Jasper DeChristopher and Tara Shields.

The BZC meets in the Berlin Township Hall, 3271 Cheshire Road.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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