Letter: Chamber endorses city levies


The Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors voted to endorse two tax levy asks by the City of Delaware that voters will see on the March 19 ballot.

The first is a continuation but making permanent the .15 percent parks and rec tax that was approved by voters in 2008. Parks, trails, and recreational green space unquestionably add to the quality of life in any community. The average age of the Delaware resident is just over 34 years old, meaning lots of young families that look to their community to provide the parks and rec opportunities that Delaware does so well. This levy means no increase in taxes.

The second issue on the ballot is a five-year, .35 income tax increase to be used primarily for road repair and economic development infrastructure. The increase would mean an increase of approximately $280 annually ($5 per week) for an income of $75,000. The income tax will not impact social security or retirement benefits.

The city’s current 1.85 income tax rate is the third lowest in central Ohio and while the city offers full services, there’s little left for capital road projects, leaving road infrastructure deteriorating. The first income tax increase in 10 years will bring roughly $7 million annually to be used to significantly reduce the backlog of nearly 200 streets in need of repair and maintaining alleyways that serve as the main point of entry for residents as well as city services.

In January of 2023 the city released the final report that was created by a group of local citizens over a one-year period. These local citizens reviewed the city’s revenue and expenses, challenges and opportunities, and its conclusions were drawn from that analysis.

The chamber encourages its members to educate themselves on the issue by going to the city’s website for more levy information and the plan for road improvements.

While new taxes are never requested lightly, maintaining infrastructure in a community belongs to all residents. Municipalities face the same issues of inflation and capital needs just as any family or businesses does. This levy will have a significant impact on the care and improvement of our vital transportation network within our neighborhoods.

The chamber encourages residents of the city of Delaware to support both issues.

Holly Quaine


Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce

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