Letter: State Rep. Lear is ‘all talk’


A quiz for the readers in the 61st House District: How many tax dollars, that you have already paid, did the current state representative bring back to; you and your community through the state budget and proposed state capital budget? The correct answer is — zero.

Yes, Rep. Lear voted no on HB 33 and HB 2. And that reduction in the state income tax, she didn’t support that either. What intelligent Republican legislator votes no on reducing your taxes! To his credit, Rep. Brian Lorenz in the 60th District voted yes on both.

The current representative in the 61st district talks a good conservative line using all the buzz words her base loves to hear – but it’s just that – all talk. She voted against such issues as the state income tax reduction (sure we need more), the increase in the Homestead Exemption which reduces property tax for certain senior citizens (more of that as well for everyone), a bedrock Republican issue EdChoice School Vouchers, additional state school funding to help take pressure off local school funding, active shooter training for law enforcement, funding for vocational and career training in our schools, and the list goes on. She obviously does not “stand strong for families and taxpayers.”

Yes, we need more tax reform and spending cuts, but Beth Lear does not have the legislative IQ nor life experiences to help address such complex issues. She is counting on voters to pay more attention to her campaign rhetoric than her actual voting record. To confirm the votes, I encourage you to call her office (614-466-1431) and ask, “How did Rep. Lear vote on HB 2 and HB 33?” Two very important pieces of legislation for families, law enforcement, communities, education and especially us taxpayers that she chose not to support. We deserve better.

Karl R. Gebhardt


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