Two Democrats seeking seat in Congress


Two candidates are running in the Democratic primary for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District.

Democrat voters on March 19 will choose between Stephen Thomas, of Powell, and Tamie Wilson, of Delaware, and the winner of the primary will face Republican incumbent Jim Jordan in November.

Steve Thomas

An entrepreneur and software executive, Thomas currently lives in Powell with his wife and two teenage sons.

Thomas said he agrees with a statement President Joe Biden made last month that this election is “really a one-issue election.”

“It’s about saving our democracy,” Thomas said. “People like Jim Jordan and some of his cohorts are really engaged in trying to topple our democracy. My country matters to me and that’s why I got into the race. I’m not just an anti-Jim Jordan candidate. What I believe is that candidates should be focusing on the 4th Congressional District. … That’s my big complaint because if you look at legislation (that helps the 4th District), (Jordan) just hasn’t done it.”

Thomas said one of his main goals is to create economic opportunity for the district, and his time as the CEO of Pathlore Software gave him first-hand experience creating jobs as he grew the company and eventually oversaw its sale. Thomas said he would help farmers by eliminating trade barriers and would work to make sure small businesses “have access to the capital they need” as well as investing in infrastructure and public education to attract businesses to the district.

“We need to focus on creating good jobs,” he said. “As a congressman, I would have experience creating jobs. … Our district is a rural conservative district, and I want to focus on issues that are very important to Democrats, Republicans and independents as well. (I want to) bring the attention back to the 4th District and what’s important to make this a better place to live.”

Thomas said economic opportunity crosses party lines.

“(I’d like to) talk about things that are important to all of us,” he said. “Let’s build relationships, not tear them down. Let’s stop the infighting. (If elected), I’m going to go in there and see what I can do for the 4th District. We have to be able to reach across the aisle and resonate and talk about issues that are important.”

Thomas said he also wants to protect personal liberties and supports “a woman’s right to reproductive freedom,” equal pay and opportunity for women, as well as LGTBQ rights and achieving racial equality.

The biggest thing Democrats need to recognize, he added, is who has the best opportunity to run against Jordan and win in the fall. He said that as “a moderate democrat,” he believes he’s “positioned to have a good shot at beating Jim Jordan.”

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Tamie Wilson

An entrepreneur, life coach, business strategist and single mother of a recent Hayes High School graduate, Wilson said she decided to run because the district “desperately needs representation in D.C.”

“Jordan has been there for 17 years. He votes against the people 97% of the time,” Wilson said. “… We have a lot of issues that need addressed in the district, and Jordan is not doing it. He’s never here, and he doesn’t do anything for anyone here. … We’ve basically paid him $3 million not to do anything. It’s terrible. I’m running to bring solutions to the district. … He’s the show pony, I’m the work horse. That’s the difference between the two of us.”

Wilson said she is currently writing nine bills aimed at addressing “core issues” and said some of her goals are to bring economic growth to the district as well as more federal funding, creating jobs and supporting local farmers.

“I’ve been traveling on the campaign trail. … People are struggling and they need help,” Wilson said. “I’m a moderate candidate. I want to get our government working for us, not against us. I believe everyone should work hard but when you need it, like during COVID, the government should work for you.”

Wilson said she is ready to “hit the ground running” if she wins the primary next month and is elected in November.

“We have 17 years of work to make up for,” she said. “I’m already doing the work. (I’ve been) building relationships with independents and Republicans because I know I’m going to need their vote. I want to listen to people and create win-win solutions. I have a lot of worldly experience and experience in a lot of different industries. I can relate to the average person and their every day struggles.”

Wilson added that she believes “every woman should have to right to make their own reproductive healthcare choices” and said women need more representation in D.C. Wilson also said some of her other priorities include making healthcare affordable and accessible, dealing with food insecurity and addressing racial inequality.

“I don’t believe in any extremes on either side,” Wilson said. “I’m with most of Americans. We’re right down the middle. … I have solutions for our most pressing issues. Those are the things I want to do. I’ve been doing the work. I’ve been speaking with the experts, I’ve been creating solutions, and that is why I feel like I’m the best person to represent us in Congress. I’m doing the legwork and homework. I care about people. I’m creating solutions.”

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