Letter: Let’s make America great by embracing each other


People say we’ve gotten a mentality, but what does it really mean? If it’s an attitude where you are helping and reaching out and loving one another — but I don’t see it that way. I see people justifying being mean to each other, using words like “I’ll never support this one” and “I’ve never supported that one, and those that support them don’t need any help, because it would be better if they had never been put on this earth.”

Do we really want to be known for this mentality?

The same people who say these things are also saying that this is a Christian nation! I’ve got news for them: If this is a Christian nation, then they are all hypocrites. Our forefathers never intended this to be a Christian nation. It was one nation under God, and serving that God, without anyone telling you how you had to worship.

It seems so frustrating that people are judged by whether or not they are Christian, but if you’re of a certain party, the same rules don’t apply that way. They will not make their party stand in complete obedience to its own rules, and I don’t understand how all this flies. Or is it that I’m tired of their lies?

Their words are “Make America great again.” And yet, when I look at 30 or 40 years ago, these people are ignoring what made America great. We had standards of respect, held our political leaders to them, or at least tried to. But the type of society they want to put back in power is the good-old-boy system, where the white man has the power, and women and minorities don’t.

It is about time we realized the only thing that will make us great is embracing each other and allowing everyone to live their own lives the way they see fit. Maybe, when we quit listening to conspiracy theories and deeming people have an agenda, we will realize the only agenda that people are looking for is one where we all have a voice and all are created equal, not only in God’s eyes, but in each other’s eyes.

Mary Sue Metzger


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