Hearings set for juvenile charged with murder


An arraignment and probable cause hearing have been set for a 17-year-old charged with aggravated murder in connection with a shooting that happened Friday afternoon in the city of Delaware.

The juvenile appeared via Zoom for a hearing before Delaware County Juvenile Court Judge David A. Hejmanowski Monday afternoon. At the hearing, Hejmanowski told the male juvenile that he was charged with aggravated murder and two counts of murder in connection with the death of Alonzo Byrd, 37.

The juvenile was arrested Friday afternoon after City of Delaware police officers responded to reports of a shooting in the area of Ross Street around 3:59 p.m. According to the criminal complaint filed against the juvenile, he had an ongoing feud/issue with Byrd and had concealed a 10 mm semi-automatic pistol in his clothing when he “initiated a confrontation” with Byrd in the area of 23 Ross St., Friday afternoon.

“During the confrontation, an eyewitness heard (the juvenile) referencing the household members as being snitches for filing a report with the police in connection with a previous incident,” the criminal complaint said. “(The juvenile) then drew the firearm and shot (Byrd) five times at close proximity. Per the eyewitness, some of the shots were fired into (Byrd) while he lay on the ground with (the juvenile) standing over him.”

Police said Byrd was found in the street when they arrived, and he was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, where succumbed to his injuries.

The male juvenile was arrested in the area by police shortly after the incident and taken to the Central Ohio Youth Center.

At Monday’s hearing, Hejmanowski scheduled an arraignment in the case for March 25 at 10 a.m.

Hejmanowski explained that it was likely the case was going to be transferred to the General Division of Delaware County Common Pleas Court and tried as an adult. Assistant Prosecutor Beth Matune said the state would be seeking to transfer the case, and Hejmanowski said the transfer will hinge on whether or not there is probable cause to believe the juvenile committed the crime. Hejmanowski scheduled a hearing to determine probable cause in the case for April 10.

Hejmanowski also ruled that the juvenile be held Central Ohio Youth Center and not be released on bond.

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