Township to see more deputies


The Gazette wanted to update readers on meetings in Brown Township. Here’s last April through September. Future stories will cover the last quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024.

Brown Township Board of Trustees met on April 26 “on the construction of a new maintenance building for the township,” minutes said. The contractors’ qualifications were due June 6, and after meeting in executive session the following week, MS Consultants was hired for design and professional services. At a special meeting on June 28, the trustees went over the new maintenance facility on two acres off Old State Road near Mulberry Street with Chuck Busch of MS Consultants. In August, Cathy Ramondelli was introduced as project manager; and Trustee Charles Miley as the township’s point person the following month.

A special meeting was held on May 9 with Zoning Inspector Steve Lisano to review revisions to zoning resolutions 21 and 22. The trustees met later that night and approved a contract for $142,368.80 for the 2023 Delaware County Road Improvement Project, with the work being done by The Shelly Company. They also approved resealing the parking lot for $6,726.69 by Delaware Seal Coat; as well as Tax Increment Financing for select properties on routes 42 and 521, and Baker and Bowtown roads. Solar energy projects were the topic of a special meeting on May 11.

On June 13, the trustees approved “a resolution of necessity for park development for 1-mil for three years.” The revised resolution was approved during special meetings on July 17 and July 31. Voters rejected the levy last November.

The next quarter’s meetings began on July 11, where state Rep. Brian Lorenz introduced himself and said he would try to visit at least four times a year. Rick Dunlap, of Del-Co Water, also told the trustees of “a lot of activity going to occur around (routes) 36/37 and (Interstate) 71.” Finally, the Delaware County Engineer’s Office was looking into two crashes at state Route 521 and North Old State in the span of 10 hours. “Both of those people at fault thought they were four-way stops… the county agreed to freshen up the signage and markings,” minutes said.

On Aug. 8, the trustees were told the City of Delaware is responsible for the roundabout at 521. County Treasurer Doug Rankey said, “The commissioners have $55 million invested in the Byxbe campus.”

An emergency meeting was held Aug. 18 to approve an indigent burial application. An update on the Tri-Township Fire District was given on Sept. 12, where it was noted “the fire department has been annexed.” There were emails regarding concerns for the operation of the Fire District added to those meeting minutes. In the township’s fall newsletter, Chief Troy Morris said he would retire the beginning of 2024.

Also in that newsletter, Delaware County Sheriff Jeff Balzer said more deputies would be seen in Brown Township with a new office at 1776 State Route 521.

“The Sheriff’s Office also will use the former Ventures Academy building on County Home Road as a Public Safety Training Facility. This former school building is an ideal location for training our deputies, corrections officers, and Delaware County emergency medical technicians,” the newsletter said.

In new business on Sept. 12, the minutes said, “If 230 acres is annexed and development goes in and a plan for 1,000 rooftops… they want to extend Byxbe Parkway… our date to dispute the annexation is Sept. 25.”

Another emergency meeting was held on Sept. 21, where the trustees unanimously approved a resolution objecting the expedited type two annexation of 230.7 acres from Brown and Delaware townships to the city of Delaware. It was said this is in the Buckeye Valley Local School District.

“Providing objection will force the Delaware County Commissioners to hold a hearing on this matter. The hearing will ultimately provide more details for all parties involved before the commissioners vote on the annexation,” the minutes said.

“The township is keeping an eye on a potential annexation of land into Delaware city,” Brown’s fall newsletter said. “This land is directly across from the Byxbe campus and sheriff department on State Route 521. It consists of 157 acres in Brown Township and 73 acres in Delaware Township. The commissioners will be the deciding factor. A group of 3 developers are wanting to place apartments and single-family homes on that land, roughly a thousand rooftops. The Byxbe Parkway is expected to extend through this land at the roundabout. We have no timeline for the extension as the details and plans are still in the works.”

The trustees are Miley, Connie Skinner and Gary Stegner. Peggy Link is fiscal officer and Dan Gladman is the road superintendent.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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