Berlin Township trustees plan projects


The Gazette wanted to catch readers up on some of the past Berlin Township Board of Trustees meetings from last summer.

The trustees meeting of June 12 started with discussion about Tax Increment Financing with Olentangy Schools “related to the east side of Berlin Township at 3 B’s & K, south of 36/36 between Plumb Road,” the minutes said. “Todd Meyer and Ryan Jenkins from OLSD asked what specific projects they could plan for… Sunbury annexed a portion of Berlin Township, and they are going to be helping put in Sunbury Parkway which will cause the township some issues with the off ramp as improvements will need to be done to Sherman Road… After a lengthy discussion, Meyer and Jenkins thanked the trustees for the information.”

Another lengthy discussion took place with Tiffany Jenkins from the county regarding a shared use path easement, and it would be revisited on July 10. Next, there was a hearing for commercial use on Piatt Road, which was recessed to Aug. 14. Another Piatt Road resolution, involving revisions to garage doors and forward-facing garages on Piatt Road, was approved.

Later, there was a rezoning hearing for The Residences of Berlin Township.

“T&R Properties is proud to present this project to Berlin Township, a development that will help ameliorate the housing crisis in Berlin/Central Ohio and also provide homes for the greater Industrial overlay area,” said a letter sent by R.J. Sabatino to the trustees. “Since the submission of the application, thousands of apartment units have either received zoning approval and/or started construction in surrounding Township and Municipalities, many in a shorter time than this application has taken and is still pending decision…”

Sabatino said they had been asked if they would join the township Joint Economic Development District and the total JEDD revenue for this project was $500,000 and Berlin Township would receive $300,000. Sabatino said they discussed previously that density was a primary issue, and they are open to a conversation on the other items if they can get passed the density that they need.

The trustees said they remained troubled with the density and opened the hearing to the public. One person spoke in favor, saying this would provide needed amenities for the township. Four people spoke against the rezoning, with one person saying it would “create a ghetto” and another saying the developer keeps “trying to put a square peg in a round hole.”

The developer asked for a vote, and the trustees unanimously voted against the application.

In other business, the trustees approved Berlin Township Fire Department requisitions for the purchase of a hydraulic rescue tool and four new wetsuits, and parts for a flail mower. There was a request to place signage on Dale Ford Road warning about tractors pulling out.

They also approved renaming Fairview Memorial Park to Evergreen Memorial Cemetery after consultation with the sexton. The resolution noted that Berlin took control of Fairview at 5035 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, on Oct. 6, 2020. It was said that “we have made significant progress in our timeliness and responsiveness to our residents from all our cemeteries” and “they discussed planting trees … at Evergreen rather than reinstalling a fence.” The trustees approved a part-time Township Operations Specialist position, “to help out with recording issues with Evergreen Memorial, with preparing resolutions for the board’s consideration.” Chair Meghan Raehll said, “she wants all our positions to be fully staffed and operational.”

They agreed to hold a special meeting on June 26. Another special meeting was set for July 10 to discuss Sunbury Parkway, routes 36/37, and the Berlin Business Park with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the county.

The trustees held a special meeting on July 17, where they approved raising a firefighter’s salary. However, their main purpose for meeting, accepting depository agreements with First Commonwealth Bank, failed for lack of a second, despite a lengthy discussion. They recessed to continue the special meeting the following week on July 24.

The trustees are Ron Bullard, Ken O’Brien and Raehll.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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