Letter: Consider attending school event


Maybe you graduated from Delaware Hayes many years ago. Maybe your kids graduated from Hayes (our kids graduated 30 years ago). Maybe you have kids that are currently attending Hayes. Or maybe you know kids in your neighborhood that attend Delaware City Schools. Have you attended a school athletic, academic, theater, or music event recently?

We were reminded again today of how very fortunate we are as Delaware community members. Today was the Senior Honors program where our graduating seniors are recognized for their incredible achievements during their high school careers. We couldn’t be more proud of the efforts of our students. Our teachers, staff, bus drivers, maintenance workers, administrators, and school board members provide a learning environment every day that helps our students reach their goals!

Based on results, our schools are good stewards of our tax dollars. We suggest that you enjoy your tax dollars at work by attending a school event.

Thank you Delaware City Schools!

Malcolm and Suzanne MacLean


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