Genoa Twp. Business Association awards scholarships


In a testament to their academic excellence and future aspirations, Alexa Ryan and Blake Berisford have been named the recipients of the 2024 Genoa Township Business Association Scholarship. The scholarship, valued at $1,000 each, recognizes outstanding students within the community who exhibit exemplary leadership and dedication to their studies.

Ryan, a graduating senior from Westerville Central High School, has demonstrated a passion for journalism throughout her academic career. With a keen eye for storytelling and a commitment to truth, she plans to further her education at the University of Florida, where she will pursue a degree in journalism. Ryan’s ambition to uncover the truth and share compelling narratives is sure to make a positive impact in the field.

Similarly, Berisford, a senior at Olentangy Orange High School, has set his sights on a career in law enforcement and cybersecurity. With a strong sense of duty and a desire to protect his community, Berisford will be attending High Point University to study these fields. His dedication to serving others and ensuring the safety of those around him is both commendable and inspiring.

The Genoa Township Business Association aims to support and empower local students like Ryan and Berisford as they pursue their educational and professional goals. More information about the association and its initiatives can be found at

Submitted by Michael Ringle.

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