Commission approves subdivision


WESTERVILLE — The Genoa Township Zoning Commission had an active second half of 2023, and here’s a summary of their meetings.

• The sixth meeting with Romanelli and Hughes regarding the Miraluna subdivision took place on June 12. They were “requesting approval of a rezoning and preliminary development plan to construct 159 single-family dwellings on approximately 129.5 acres generally located west of Rome Corners Road,” the hearing notice said. The property was currently zoned Rural Residential, and they were seeking it to be Planned Residential District. The applicants “explained how they amended the plan to address some concerns the commission raised at the previous meeting,” the minutes said. Fourteen members of the public had comments or questions. Following a divergence review that determined they didn’t have an adverse impact on the township, both the rezoning and the plan were approved.

In response to a public comment, it was said “the Zoning Commission’s job is to measure an application against the Zoning Resolution’s regulations.”

• The first meeting/hearing for J.C. Manny was held on July 10. That company was seeking a final development plan amendment to revise the proposed location of a sign at 6475 Maxtown Road, Westerville. The building sits on less than an acre. It was determined that this was a minor amendment, and it was approved by the commission.

• On Sept. 11, the commission adopted the Rules of Procedure draft. There was also discussion of potential zoning resolution amendments.

• Minutes were not yet available for the Dec. 11 meeting on May 23, but an agenda item for a public hearing was on the township website ( At this meeting, there was a request to approve a final development plan to renovate an existing building at 6463 Maxtown Road currently zoned Planned Commercial District for Multi-Sound Studios. There was also discussion on the 2024 meeting schedule, with the first meeting of 2024 being on Jan. 16.

• The Aug. 13, Oct. 10, and Nov. 13 meetings were canceled.

The Genoa Township Zoning Commission consists of Chair David Leff, Vice Chair Chip Welch, Jean-Sebastien Bernaert, Jim Carter, Kurt Sears, Sara Walsh and Ryan Wester. Also present are Director of Development and Zoning Joe Shafer and Deputy Zoning Inspector Paul Benson. The commission meets at the Genoa Township Hall, 5111 S. Old 3C Highway, Westerville. The meeting time is typically 7 p.m.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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