Trustees busy on township’s behalf


LEWIS CENTER — The Orange Township Board of Trustees held its organizational meeting on Jan. 3, where Lisa Knapp was elected chair, and Michael Ringle was elected vice chair for the calendar year 2024.

Trustees and staff were then appointed to represent the township. Other actions included approving the yearly Road Improvement Project with the Delaware County engineer for an estimated $1,075,700; and advancing funds to begin construction of the Veterans Memorial and the phase III of the Lewis Center Trail.

In other meetings this year, the trustees:

• At a regular meeting on Jan. 17, the administrator was authorized to execute a conflict-of-interest waiver concerning an overlay application. The zoning hearing for that same date was canceled.

• The Active Transportation Plan was adopted at the Feb. 6 meeting. Engineering assistance was requested for Artesian Run between the Coal Bend and Olentangy Crossing West intersection. An amendment was approved to the Evans Farm Joint Economic Development District between Orange, Concord Township and the Village of Shawnee Hills.

• On Feb. 21, the board of trustees approved “the new Delaware County Final Plan for Implementing and Operating a Countywide 9-1-1 System,” the resolution stated. All cities, townships, and villages primarily in the county had to approve the plan.

• Four highway easements and two temporary easements were appropriated by the township for the Bale Kenyon Road improvements at the meeting on March 6. Funds were advanced to the county’s Transportation Improvement District for phase one of the Bale Kenyon project. Terms and conditions of employment for township staff was clarified.

• Adopted a resolution of support for AMERICA25-OH on March 20. This is a state-created commission to celebrate the upcoming United States Semiquincentennial in 2026.

The trustees also approved an agreement to assist Berlin Township “with general clean-up to recover after a tornado passed through … on March 14.” The cleanup included removing downed or damaged trees and limbs and clearing debris. On May 2, President Joe Biden approved the Ohio Disaster Declaration from the tornados.

• Adam Miller was appointed assistant fire chief on April 3. He was previously a full-time firefighter/paramedic captain for the Orange Township Fire Department.

The trustees are Erica Fouss, Knapp and Ringle. Also present at the meetings are Administrator Michele Boni, Director of Operations Silas Bowers, Administrative Officer Valerie Bunting, Development and Zoning Director Robin Duffee, Fiscal Officer Lisa Kraft, Senior Human Resources Manager Mike Kremnitzer and Fire Chief Nathan McNeil.

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Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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