SUNBURY — A group of three candidates who aligned themselves together won election to the Big Walnut Board of Education in Tuesday’s election.

The three top vote-getters were Alice Nicks with 4,092 votes or 19.08% of the vote; Angela Graziosi with 4,048 votes or 18.87% of the vote; and incumbent Douglas P. Crowl with 4,046 votes or 18.87% of the vote.

“To all that have spent the 100s of hours of their time and effort canvassing on my behalf and to all that contributed financially to this effort, I am extremely grateful for each and every one of you,” Crowl posted on Facebook Nov. 1. “What tomorrow brings, as always, is an unknown tonight. No matter the outcome of our endeavor, we did it right and will be at peace with our conscience. Thank you to all and God bless!”

The Facebook page for Nicks had a post that pictured her with Crowl and Graziosi. The post said the trio were “The ONLY candidates putting students and education FIRST. As YOUR voice we will … Put students and education FIRST; Curriculum that provides academics NOT agenda; PREVENT Critical Race Theory, a divisive and dangerous political agenda; Give OUR parents a voice; STOP wasteful spending.”

Throughout the district, many yards had signs supporting the three winning candidates.

Those who did not get enough votes for the three seats were Crystal Mazza with 3,115 votes or 14.52% of the vote; incumbent Liana Lee with 3,081 votes or 14.37% of the vote; and Scott Weatherby with 3,065 votes or 14.29% of the vote.

“I want to again express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported my candidacy and voted for my re-election,” Lee posted on Facebook Wednesday. “As we move forward, please remember that this has always been about the kids. Please let it continue to be so.”

The Delaware County Conservatives page on Facebook said of the results, “Big Walnut!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!”




By Gary Budzak

[email protected]

Gary Budzak may be reached at 740-413-0906 or on Twitter @GaryBudzak.