‘Power Hour’ introduced at Hayes


Hayes High School launched a new after-school initiative Tuesday aimed at helping students with homework and upcoming state tests.

“Power Hour” runs from 3 to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it includes a snack, personal instruction from teachers, and transportation home for students. Hayes Principal Dr. Ric Stranges said the program was created to help close gaps that were discovered last year.

“We have discussed extending the school day to try and make up for some of the gaps that were evident after the last year-and-a-half of COVID,” Stranges said. “So we thought if we could get everyone for an hour and provide with with a snack and transportation, then maybe they’d be willing to extend their day and get help. When I reached out, I immediately had 13 teachers say, ‘I’ll do it.’”

Stranges added a variety of teachers responded to his request, and the first Power Hours are focused on math and English.

“We feel like we can provide help in assistance and intervention in every subject,” Stranges said. “We’re starting with focusing in on math and English to make sure that we are not only helping with homework, but we’re also preparing them for the OST and state tests in the fall.”

Stranges said he’s thankful the districts Food Service and Transportation departments were able to help make the program a reality with a snack and a ride home for students.

“A lot of people came together to make this work for our students,” he said. “If you don’t take away those obstacles then we’ll lose the students after school. Students are busy. Hopefully, we’ll have good attendance.”

Stranges said the school has identified students who would benefit from extra instruction and will be reaching out to them. He added the school has already had a lot of interest from parents, who are excited by the extra instruction and the transportation for students.

There is also an online component to the program, and many students have expressed interest in online help ahead of state testing, Stranges said.

“The ultimate goal is to fill in the learning gaps that we felt like were initiated by the pandemic and the lack of having a full year,” he added. “The second goal is to reconnect and reestablish relationships with out students. (We want) face-to-face contact here and to give support to students and have them learn and grow as they go. I’m hopeful that our students come in. Our teachers are ready and hoping they take advantage of the opportunity.”

Stranges said interested students should contact the office.

Math teacher Rachel Gordon works with a student after school Tuesday in the library at Hayes High School during the first “Power Hour” held by the school.
https://www.delgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2021/11/web1_DSC_0944.jpgMath teacher Rachel Gordon works with a student after school Tuesday in the library at Hayes High School during the first “Power Hour” held by the school. Glenn Battishill | The Gazette

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