Center Green Park in Genoa Township now has fenced-in pickleball courts.

Gary Budzak | The Gazette

Hilmar Park in Genoa Township was the site of vandalism recently.

Gary Budzak | The Gazette

WESTERVILLE — Genoa Township is currently conducting a survey for its park system.

“Genoa Township parks include McNamara, Freeman, Center Green, Hilmar, Jaycox, and Worthington Gardens,” said the survey, available on the Genoa website ( Also included is Genoa Trail, which parallels state Route 3 and is part of the state-long Ohio to Erie Trail.

“CharMar Ridge, Mud Hen Marsh, and other area properties are not included in this survey as they are owned and operated by partner entities,” the survey said. Those other areas include activities such as boating and golfing.

“2020 was a turning-point year for Genoa Township after voters approved a 3-year levy, beginning in 2021,” said the Genoa Parks web page. “The revenue stream provided funds dedicated solely to parks and trails. Simultaneously, a decrease in the police and fire levies resulted in no increase in millage.”

Genoa began making improvements to its parks once the levy was approved.

“As of March 2023, Center Green Park is home to four fenced pickleball courts,” the township said. “New playground equipment has been installed at Freeman Park. New young children’s equipment is expected to be installed at Hilmar Park by summer. Restrooms were added where there had been none at Hilmar Park and Worthington Gardens.”

The survey lists accomplishments since 2021 to the parks in four areas: capital improvements, grant funding, environmental stewardship and park comfort/ease of use.

The survey said among those accomplishments were relocating the historic township hall to McNamara Park for public use following its renovation; expanded raised bed plots at Worthington Garden; and opening Gateway Park, transforming a barren stretch of land into a useful stop for trail users.

“Now that these projects have been installed or set in motion, the Parks Advisory Committee wonders what residents hope to see improved next,” the Genoa site said.

The survey runs until April 30.

In other township news, there were anti-Semitic words and symbols drawn in marker on a white pillar in a pavilion at Hilmar Park on Feb. 23. It included a swastika and pro-Nazi phrases. The graffiti was quickly removed.

“This week was deeply sad for our community when anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered on a park shelter,” said the township’s Facebook page at that time. “Hate has no place in Genoa Township. Consider discussing this local example of prejudice with your family members and join in denouncing antisemitism.”

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