Improvements on the way in Orange Twp.


LEWIS CENTER — The Orange Township Board of Trustees recently let residents know about its accomplishments last year and is promising more in 2023.

“Orange Township became a better place to live in 2022 and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!” said the township’s Winter 2023 Newsletter. “Because of YOU, the Parks and Roads levies passed in November allowing for projects to begin such as the Bale Kenyon widening project and North Road Park Phase 2 & 3. We are looking forward to making 2023 even better! Thank you for your continued support.”

Most notable on the township’s radar are infrastructure projects.

“There are over 111 miles of roads that Orange Township is responsible for maintaining. 2023 will bring a lot of improvements around Orange Township infrastructure,” the newsletter said. “Bale Kenyon Road phases 1 and 2 will begin in 2023 and wrap up in 2024 with phase 3 following in 2025. This year we will see the completion of the pond renovation project and the finishing touches to the Disc Golf Course at Township Hall Park. The East Powell Road path will extend and form a vital connection from South Old State Road to Bale Kenyon Road. Orange Township will be partnering with the Delaware County Engineer’s Office to construct the last leg of Green Meadows Drive. This final stretch will begin in 2023 and extend to Lewis Center Road, providing a vehicular and pedestrian/bike access. Bike repair stations have begun to pop up around the township, one is already located at the intersection of Lewis Center Road and Bale Kenyon Road.”

The township trustees are Erica Fouss, Ben Grumbles and Lisa Knapp.

In other township news, residents are sought for the following Community Volunteer Board Subcommittees: Events, Land Use and Zoning, Parks, Public Safety, and Special Projects. The latter was defined as, “This subcommittee is project specific and can shift focus at any time. An example project would be the Veterans Memorial. The purpose of this committee is to assist project planning and/or design, fundraising and outreach.”

A Community Volunteer Board executive meeting will take place at 12:30 p.m. March 8 in the Township Hall, 1680 E. Orange Road, Lewis Center.

Finally, the newsletter said, “The Veterans Memorial Subcommittee is excited to soon start selling Memorial bricks! The bricks will be available starting March 1st and more information will be posted on our website in the coming weeks.”

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Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].

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