County director moving on to Ohio EMA


After nearly 15 years at the Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Sean Miller is leaving to step into a new role at the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

Miller joined the Delaware EMA in June 2008 as an assistant and technician, and he became deputy director in 2011. He has been the director of the agency since October 2013.

“Emergency management is interesting and rewarding work,” Miller said last week. “It’s an aspect of public safety that flies under the radar because we are a support agency and not first responders. We’re not always the most in the public spotlight, but nonetheless, it’s very rewarding.”

Miller said the goal of the EMA is “minimizing the impacts of day-to-day emergencies and large scale disasters on the public” and helping to get things back to normal if something does happen.

He added one of his favorite parts of the job is coordinating between different agencies, organizations, and community partners to learn how to meet needs or fill gaps in an emergency.

“(I like) that you can bring all the partners to the table and solve the problems,” Miller said. “You can (problem solve) with some really good, dedicated people to make things better for the residents in Delaware County. (I find it) immensely enjoyable to be part of that problem-solving process.”

Miller announced last month he had accepted the position of regional operations chief for Ohio Emergency Management, where he will coordinate several county EMA offices.

“Because I find this job so rewarding, it kind of was a natural fit for the next step in my career and still very rewarding,” Miller said. “It’s still emergency management, just a different perspective. I’m looking forward to new challenges in the same arena … helping the citizens of the state of Ohio and getting to work with great people while doing it. It’s great feeling when these problems arise and you can pull those different pieces and parts together. … All those partners are important. I think it’ll be a lot of fun as well.”

EMA Deputy Director Scott Stewart will serve as interim director until the Delaware County Board of Commissioners appoint a new director.

The county threw a going away party for Miller on Thursday where he thanked the attendees and said he had “a good run” at the county.

Stewart said Miller leaving the office is “definitely bittersweet.”

“When I came here three years ago, it was quite evident the immense amount of knowledge he had about emergency management,” Stewart said. “From day one he’s been a mentor for me. I’ve tried to absorb as much information from him as I could.”

Stewart said he is glad that Miller will be moving up to the state level.

“He’ll be able to work on our behalf as counties,” Stewart said. “Knowing the work ethic that he has, I know that will do nothing but benefit us.”

Stewart said Miller prepared extensive informational materials for the office after his departure.

“He set us up for success,” Stewart said. “We’re in good hands, and we’ll be ready for the new director to start. I’m excited for him. You hate to lose good people, but when they’re that good, you sort of expect it to happen.”

Sandy Mackey, the public affairs chief for the Ohio EMA, worked with Miller from 2012 to 2022 and said Miller left a lasting impact on the county.

“I think Sean has been integral in so many different aspects of Delaware County’s growth,” Mackey said. “As the community has expanded, Sean has expanded the Emergency Management program and made it bigger, and it keeps people safe.”

Mackey credited Miller with making notifications for county residents a priority.

“He’s increased awareness for severe weather and other things we need to focus on,” Mackey said. “He’s a good man. I know Delaware County is going to miss him, but he set the program up to succeed.”

Mackey said she is looking forward to working with Miller again at the Ohio EMA.

“We look forward to having Mr. Miller join our team,” she said. “He brings a wealth of knowledge that comes from years of experience as a county EMA director.”

Miller said the office will continue to succeed without him, and he hopes he left a legacy of improving safety for county residents.

“I hope my legacy is that of a local person who wanted to contribute to public safety and serve the residents and visitors of Delaware County,” Miller said. “I hope I made some small contribution in moving the ball in the right direction. The office is in good hands here. I thought this job would be very enjoyable, and I’d come to work every day feeling like I made a positive difference and it did not disappoint.”

Miller said his first day in his new position will be March 13.

Glenn Battishill can be reached at 740-413-0903 or on Twitter @BattishillDG.

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