Genoa Township has applied for a Barn Restoration Grant from ODNR.

Gary Budzak | The Gazette

WESTERVILLE — The Genoa Township Board of Trustees recently approved applying for a Barn Restoration Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The red barn, with a township logo on it, is in McNamara Park, 5049 Big Walnut Road, Galena.

The board also approved a $42,000 purchase order to build a storage barn at the police station at the meeting on April 6.

The trustees also heard from Delaware County Commissioner Jeff Benton about the county’s “land bank.” Also known as the Delaware County Land Reutilization Corporation, it “was created in 2017 to improve abandoned, blighted or foreclosed properties while generating property tax revenue,” the minutes said.

“Erin Francoeur, Westerville Public Library Director, proposed a 24-hour library kiosk in the parking lot of the Township Hall,” the minutes said. The library would fund the entire project at the hall, 5111 S. Old 3C Highway, Westerville. “There was a consensus of the board to allow this request,” the minutes said.

It was also noted a prior trio of trustees had approved the appearance of a cemetery sign a resident had commented on.

Previously, the trustees had held a zoning hearing on March 21 regarding the proposed Multi-Sound Studios on Maxtown Road.

Trustee Mark Antonetz “stated that the applicant should be wary of the City of Westerville’s agreement on the access point,” the meeting minutes said.

Trustee Connie Goodman “requested that the applicant gets approval of their septic system from Delaware Public Health in writing, asked if the structure had been classified as a historical structure by another entity … (and) stated that her biggest issue with the proposal is the limited number of proposed parking spaces.”

The business use was discussed “and the best way to amend the proposed parking area to make all parties comfortable.” Upon Trustee Renee Vaughan’s motion, the public hearing was continued to May 4.

Also in the township, Genoa’s Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) held its first meeting of 2023 on Jan. 24.

Following a public hearing, the BZA granted a variance to construct a new single-family residence with a 46-by-4 tower element on Red Bank Road, Galena. The township has a maximum building height of 35 feet.

During the findings of fact portion of the meeting, it was said the tower would be accessible via a spiral staircase and an elevator. Due to an elevation change and a heavily wooded lot, the tower would not be visible from the road.

On Feb. 28, the BZA granted a variance to add cupolas (small domes) to an existing accessory building on Britonwoods Drive, Galena. The cupolas would also exceed the maximum building height. The BZA found that “the variance is not substantial … (and) the cupolas would be consistent with the existing cupolas on the house and will conform architecturally,” the meeting minutes said. “The variance may be an improvement to the neighborhood.”

In other business, the BZA rejected an appeal application because the appeal was filed after more than 100 days past the deadline of 20 days. It was noted “the Prosecutor’s Office recommended rejection of appeal” and “that this complaint was handled by staff the same way all complaints are handled.”

The BZA meeting of March 21 was cancelled.

On April 25, the BZA granted a variance to a home in the Lake Forest Estates subdivision on Maxtown Road in Westerville “to eliminate the requirement for an attached two-car garage.”

The BZA consists of Chair Mark Harmon, Vice Chair David Buhn, Paul Hanson, Mark Phillips and Teresa Yu. Dorothy Driskell was a member earlier in the year. Hanson and Michael Carlson were the alternates, replaced in April by Jerrad Christian and Bob DeRose.

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Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].