Cemetery changes being considered


LEWIS CENTER — Fairview Memorial Park was a topic of discussion at a recent Berlin Township Board of Trustees meeting.

“(Chair Megan) Raehll would like to see a stone sign that resembles the one at Kingwood Cemetery if there are grants available and possibly accept private contributions,” the March 27 meeting minutes said. “(Trustee Ken) O’Brien would like to rename the cemetery. (Trustee Ron) Bullard does not know what that would entail but also likes the idea of a new name. Raehll asked the trustees to consider a possible name if it were to be changed along with how much money would the township be willing to contribute towards a new sign. At this time, O’Brien is comfortable with $10,000, Raehll $20,000, and Bullard said a couple thousand dollars. Raehll said that with it being right on Route 23, it is a representation of the township that many people see and wants it to look like what we aspire Berlin Township to be.”

According to the website Find a Grave, Fairview Memorial Park is at 5079 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center.

In another matter at cemetery, “Bullard asked the trustees their thoughts on possibly opening up the sale of lots in Fairview to those that already have loved ones buried there so that they could be buried with them. Raehll is not opposed to it but said that the language would have to be tightened up and extremely clear regarding what exceptions would constitute a sale. O’Brien is not in favor of selling any lots but since Bullard is dealing with the issues at Fairview, if he strongly recommends that it needs to happen, he will not oppose it.”

Bullard also said that there are shrubs planted between headstones, which cemetery rules do not allow, and they will be removed.

During the public comment period, “R.J. Sabatino from T & R Properties stated they hope with the trustees blessing that they can soon begin working on the Berlin Industrial Overlay,” the meeting minutes said. “He said there will be an industrial portion and a multi-family portion and since the zoning code does not allow for mixed-use, they have proceeded with two different applications for each portion.

“As it relates to the industrial portion, they believe that they are in compliance and following the entire BIO overlay, however the plan was turned down unanimously by the planning commission. For the multi-family, they… have heard all of the planning commissions initial concerns so they tabled the first planning commissions hearing to remedy all their issues. Recently, that meeting was had and again the plan was unanimously turned down.

“(Sabatino) asked for any advice from the trustees. Raehll said that it is not generally the board’s activity to engage and go back and forth during public comment.”

However, a Zoning Department hearing date for the development, which would go in the Berlin Business Park, was scheduled for April 10.

In other business, Jeremy Moss was hired as a full-time rover firefighter, and firefighter Robert Meadows was elevated to acting captain status. Theresa Taylor and Theresa Cannon were appointed as notetakers for the Architectural Review Board.

In discussion, it was noted that materials are being dumped into the roadway instead of lots for new subdivisions, causing damage to the road. Since the roads are the township’s responsibility, the sheriff needs to be called in these instances to prevent an accident where the township would be liable.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].

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