Letter: Changes in America


Things are changing fast in America, The culture is in trouble. Book reading has drastically declined because people cannot concentrate for more than 20 minutes. They begin to fidget as they reach for the iPhone. Did I miss a text while reading that darn book? Did some cyber gossip escape me? I see this daily as I work out at the gym. Many using exercise machines have to look at their iPhones between repetitions.

Look at prime-time television. Naked people on islands stabbing each other in the back because that’s easier to do unclothed. Singers wearing masks, dancing with obscure celebrities, old guy bachelors. If this isn’t “the end of days” in the entertainment world, then I don’t know what would be.

The f-word is now as common as “please,” on TV, bad grammar is a badge of honor, tattoos swallow up skin, and even the indigenous people of New Guinea are appalled by all the piercings. Recreational pot and killing the unborn are both legal, and 12-year-olds are betting the sports spreads as gambling’s TV ads echo through American homes. State politicians could change this in Ohio, but they won’t because there is too much money involved.

I remember growing up when there were no environmental extremists, the media was non-political, Hollywood actors kept politics to themselves, no one could vote until age 21, all had to apply for asylum in their own country at the American Embassy, pot was illegal nationwide, and you had to have passing grades to advance to the next grade in school.

These are now on the endangered species list: going to church, punctuality, saving money, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, respect and kindness to the elderly, due process, keeping your word, hard work, and sincere contrition. Yes, I am an old-school guy, but I know things were calmer and much saner when sneakers roamed the playgrounds, not the boardrooms.

We may not be on the eve of destruction, but we are certainly not on the road to enlightenment. Remember Christmas growing up? Children huddled under the tree waiting for Santa, Bing Crosby on the radio, tenderloin, and Christmas pudding on the table. It was a joyous celebration of family, community, and the Christian faith. Things were going well. Until the radical left got their hands on our culture. They took Christ out of Christmas, called Santa a white supremacist, and tried to forced you to say “Happy Holidays.”

Well, not me. I will continue to put religious items on the tree, and say “Merry Christmas” forever. All we have to wait on now is for recreational fentanyl or cocaine to be put on the ballot. I feel certain it would pass because most of the politicians would see the increase in revenue to the state coffers. All patriots need to continue the fight to “Make America Great Again.” Norman Rockwell’s America is tittering on the edge of the abyss.

Christopher Acker


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