O’Brien to run for county treasurer


Berlin Township Trustee Ken O’Brien announced his intention to run for Delaware County treasurer in the upcoming election by filing a petition with the Delaware County Board of Elections on Dec. 4.

In a press release, O’Brien stated he will bring a commitment to fiscal prudence and efficient financial management to the role, if elected, and will be a “watchdog for Delaware County taxpayers by steering away from excessive spending and advocating for smarter investment strategies.”

“Recent events have highlighted the pressing need for a change in the county’s financial approach,” the release stated. “The incumbent has more than doubled the treasurer’s office budget in just a single year. He followed that by requesting additional funds in the following years. This raises concerns about responsible fiscal governance.”

O’Brien said he believes in making wiser investments with county funds that prioritize shorter durations, mitigating risks while striving for higher returns. “This approach will ensure greater availability of funds for the commissioners and expedited disbursements to taxing agencies, enhancing financial liquidity across the board,” he said.

He added, “I am committed to streamlining our investment strategies to benefit the county as a whole. By focusing on shorter-term, higher-yielding investments, we can optimize financial resources, making them readily accessible for the county commissioners and other taxing agencies.”

The release later stated O’Brien emphasizes a dedication to “the core competencies and fundamental functions of the treasurer’s office.”

“Distinctly delineating the treasurer’s role from that of the commissioners’ office, Ken O’Brien pledges to abstain from distractions such as taking the lead in economic development, which falls under the purview of the commissioners,” the release stated. “This focus will ensure that the treasurer’s office remains dedicated to its primary responsibilities, delivering efficient financial management without straying into unrelated domains. O’Brien will support the county commissioners in economic development but will not take over their responsibilities.”

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