DCS to hold ‘Test Drive a Bus’ event


Delaware City Schools will host a “Test Drive a Bus” event next month to try and recruit new bus drivers.

The event, which is the second of its kind after a similar event took place in November 2023, will be held on March 2 from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the Delaware City Schools Bus Garage located at 2462 Liberty Road. The event also includes interviews and allows individuals to ask questions about the job.

Director of Facilities and Transportation Jason Sherman said other districts in the area and across the country have used open and informal events to encourage potential applicants to consider a career as a school bus driver.

“The ability to ask questions in a casual environment as well as the ability to actually see a bus, sit in the driver seat, and take it for a short drive under controlled conditions has alleviated fears and concerns in a lot of people,” Sherman said.

The November event produced seven candidates, he added, and the district expects three or four of them to be licensed and ready to go by spring break.

“Our hope with the March event is to get at least three or four more drivers and to help advertise the ongoing need for professional school bus drivers in our community,” Sherman said.

Tammy Cain, the district’s transportation supervisor, said the district is experiencing “a combination of events” that are causing a shortage in bus drivers.

“We have drivers who are reaching retirement age,” Cain began. “(We have) a growing district that is requiring more routes and (have) a lack of applicants who understand the requirements and how rewarding the job can be. This event allows us to shed light on the requirements, help candidates through the application process, and experience the joy of sitting behind the wheel of a bus.

“We are looking for candidates that are 21 years or older, have a good driving record, enjoy working with children, and are willing to take on the challenge of learning the skills needed to become a licensed school bus driver.”

Cain said the driver shortage can lead to “serious delays” in bussing along with crowded and longer bus routes.

“As a district we have been lucky enough to avoid having to close or call for a districtwide delay,” Cain said. “We have been very lucky as a district to have administrative staff that are able to drive and assist in cases where other districts have to close or delay due to a shortage.”

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