Regional Planning focuses on twp.


The Delaware County Regional Planning Commission’s (DCRPC) Sept. 28 meeting focused on Berkshire Township.

First, Domigan Properties LLC in Berkshire requested 4.5 acres rezoned from Agricultural to Planned Commercial Development for an equipment rental business. This would be on vacant land at 51 Domigan Road in Sunbury on the southeast corner of routes 36/37. “The use is currently in operation at the southeast corner of 36/37 and South Galena Road in Berkshire Township, also zoned PCD and is intended to be relocated to the subject site,” the meeting minutes said.

Four divergences were requested by the applicant, and commission staff had no concerns with the requests before unanimously approving the rezoning.

Next, NorthStar Residential Development requested adopting a Planned Mixed Use Development overlay for 61.2 acres on the north side of Wilson Road, west of North Galena Road. Then-zoned as Planned Commercial District, the vacant land would become 44 patio homes and 116 single-family lots called Ivy Wood Neighborhood, in Big Walnut Local School District and using Del-Co Water. The neighboring properties are Berkshire Crossing (south), NorthStar Apartments (west) and NorthStar Goldwell Neighborhood (east). Ivy Wood would be developed in one phase in summer 2024 and completed spring 2025.

No vote was taken, and the Berkshire Township Zoning Commission heard the request on Oct. 5.

Lastly, articles 4 and 11 of the Zoning Commission were amended to add a definition for impervious surfaces and setback requirements.

Also at the meeting:

• Glynnis Dunfee of the Delaware Public Health District said it was working with local fire departments and districts regarding licensing temporary campgrounds in preparation for the April 2024 solar eclipse.

• A one-year extension for Delaware Self Storage in Delaware Township on a single lot was granted.

• Consent was given on final plats for a common access driveway in Kingston Township; and Rabbit Run II, a 13-lot subdivision on 16.6 acres in Liberty Township.

• Text amendments for fences, pools and solar panels were approved for the Liberty Township Zoning Commission. Also, Liberty Grand District Section 8 Phase B easement vacation on a single lot was granted.

• It was noted that Joe Shafer of Genoa Township was elected chair of the DCRPC Executive Committee, Ed Snodgrass vice chair and Tiffany Maag second vice chair.

• DCRPC-managed projects include comprehensive plans for Berlin, Harlem, Liberty and Troy townships, as well as the villages of Galena and Ostrander.

• The RPC’s offices would move into the Byxbe Campus, 1610 State Route 521 on Oct. 20, and the next meeting on Oct. 26 would be held there instead of the Hayes Services Building, 145 N. Union St.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].

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