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SUNBURY — The city’s Services Committee goes over a variety of issues at its meetings. Here’s a roundup of recent meetings going back to last summer.

• On March 6, a visitor said there was a need for a crosswalk along General Rosecrans Elementary School and Heartland Meadows Drive. “Residents have been utilizing a makeshift path created by the school, but he is hoping for a more permanent solution,” the meeting minutes said.

• An update on the municipal and police building renovations was given on Feb. 7, noting that the project completion date is now slated for mid-June.

• The committee was given an update on the Sunbury Parkway District plan on Jan. 3. The Ohio Department of Transportation “is to begin construction on the interchange in early 2025 and complete the project in the last quarter of 2026,” minutes said.

• Under the category of unfinished business on Dec. 6, there was “an update on various sanitary sewer projects that are in various stages of planning and development,” “details about improvements to the Cheshire Road pump station and the extension of the Little Walnut Creek Interceptor,” and “proposed upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant.”

• City signage on the proposed Interstate 71 Sunbury Parkway interchange bridge was discussed at the Nov. 1 meeting.

• On Oct. 4, it announced “that Services Supervisor Adam Wrinkle has submitted his resignation. The city has recently hired two more employees to fill vacancies in the department,” the minutes read.

• The Sept. 6 meeting included an update on the Sunbury Estates tree project, which calls for the initial removal of 30 trees from the subdivision. The property owner would be responsible for the sidewalk repairs.

• The results of a fiber optic network study were discussed by the committee on Aug. 2. “The final report shows that Sunbury could ensure fiber access to every business and resident if it constructs a ‘backbone’ around the city,” the minutes said.

• The committee agreed to submitting an application for a Safe Streets for All study and demonstration grant at its July 5 meeting.

The committee currently consists of City Council members Damin Cappel, Molly Drayer, John Grumney and Mayor Joe St. John. Previously, council members Cindi Cooper and Murray Neff were on the committee. City Administrator Daryl Hennessy, City Engineer Dan Whited, and Clerk of Council Amber Swain are also in attendance. They meet in the Town Hall.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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