New diversity exhibit unveiled


On Sunday, April 28, a special gallery unveiling of the winning photographs demonstrating Diversity in Delaware was held at Boardman Arts Park.

Artists part of historically underrepresented groups that reside in Delaware County were invited to participate in a photography exhibit competition that depicts Diversity in Delaware. Artists were asked to self identify from a list of eight groups, which included: Appalachian, Asian, Black/African American, Disabled, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQ+, 60-plus years of age or Veteran.

It was Boardman Arts Park’s honor to have three guest judges for the contest: Jeff Nilan, Ohio Wesleyan University Fine Arts professor; Devin Taylor, recruitment & retention coordinator in the LGBT Center at Case Western Reserve University; and Jeremy Rosario Maldonado, VP, associate creative director at FCB Health in New York City.

“Art is an essential expression of the human experience,” Rosario shared, reflecting on the judging of the photographs. Each work entered was asked to have a distinct image that presented a unique artistic vision. Photographs could be of any subject but needed to engage the theme of “diversity from your perspective.”

The winning photographs include the following: “Jim” by Richard Kolb, “Winter Wonderland” by Saynab Dirir, “Ray” by Richard Kolb, “The Harvest” by Dawn Wright, “Dressed for the Dream” by Maureen Nafula, “Roots Run Deep: The Threads that Bind Us Through Generational Gardening” by Jessica Garrett, “Urban Legends” by Connie Reda, “True Color Within” by Madison Quinn Bordine, “Marry Me on Winter Street” by Betty Elswick, “Harvesting Hope: Finding Resilience in the Rainbow” by Jessica Garrett, “Casa Aficionado II” by Patricia Khalaf, and “Life is Beautiful” by Sayed Imran Noor.

The winning photographs can be viewed at Boardman Arts Park, located at 154 W. William St., Delaware. The park is open to the public from sun up to sun down.

Submitted by Boardman Arts Park.

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